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A place for SPWF in California to get support, questions answers and meet other members with a loved one in their state.
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Normal Topic Car Pool / RIDE share from Stockton CA or surrounding areas to SUSANVILLE STATE PRISON
Started By Lex
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Good morning,does anyone go to Susanville?View
Latest poster: Christina 3 days ago
Normal Topic DVI (Tracy)
Started By Serena
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Hey girl. We have an admin named Megan who heads up our Texas chapter. She ...View
Latest poster: Ro ❤ CoFounder/President 5 days ago
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Im in Texas and my husband is incarcerated in California.View
Latest poster: Serena 5 days ago
Normal Topic Avenal State Prison
Started By KaisBbyx
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Hi there! From Southern California here, wondering if anyone ...View
Latest poster: KaisBbyx 9 days ago
Normal Topic Calipatria
Started By Silk
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for Calilpatria, my husband was moved there on Feb.16, I was able to visit ...View
Latest poster: Mo 9 days ago
Normal Topic Please desperate for help with ride from stockton ca to folsom state prison
Started By Joeysgirl85
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I am desperately trying to find any possible help with a ride or if anyone ...View
Latest poster: Joeysgirl85 16 days ago
Normal Topic San Quentin Prison Wives
Started By Greedy's Lady
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Any info on how san quentin works etc, all the ins and outs, ...View
Latest poster: Greedy's Lady 1 month ago
Normal Topic Youth Offender Parole Question
Started By tasha
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I was hoping to get advice on where to get information on youth offender ...View
Latest poster: tasha 1 month ago
Normal Topic Los Angeles to Pelican Bay
Started By tasha
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Hello! I am new here and was wondering if anyone carpools from the ...View
Latest poster: tasha 1 month ago
Normal Topic California Correctional Center Rideshare?
Started By MamaShark
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Hello I'm new on here do u ladies still goto cccView
Latest poster: Nicia 1 month ago
Normal Topic Anyone visit in Castaic
Started By Mrssneeks1
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Anyone ok with carpooling I recently lost my lincense so it's hard for me ...View
Latest poster: Mrssneeks1 1 month ago
Normal Topic centinela state prison
Started By maritorres
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I don't see much activity on this site.View
Latest poster: Dee 3 months ago
Normal Topic NorCal Prison wives and girlfriend's- join us
Started By Rere
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Hello everyone. Very new at this, from the South Bay ...View
Latest poster: MrsPFJ 5 months ago
Normal Topic Letters
Started By Mrsmomo
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No i do it all the timeView
Latest poster: BUTTERFLY 7 months ago
Normal Topic I'm in San Diego, he's in Folsom
Started By byondmycntrl
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He might as well be on the moon! Any other women out there have loved one ...View
Latest poster: byondmycntrl 7 months ago
Normal Topic Lompoc or Any Fed wives/girlfriends
Started By StepandPhill
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Hello I'm new to the group. I was wondering about the texting ...View
Latest poster: Die 7 months ago
Normal Topic Ride Share
Started By Vogue20
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End of this year or beginning to California Correctional Center ?View
Latest poster: Vogue20 8 months ago
Normal Topic Ca to Mississippi trip for new years
Started By Samantha
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I’m planning on driving. Be a lot easier if there was someone else going ...View
Latest poster: Samantha 9 months ago
Normal Topic Anybody in Southern California/Orange County
Started By Amanda
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I’m in oc anyone go to Mississippi?View
Latest poster: Samantha 9 months ago
Normal Topic Kern valley prison
Started By Gaya
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Are any of u able to send mail thru Jpay to ur love one?? I’m asking ...View
Latest poster: Lili 9 months ago
Normal Topic Meet ups in the Bay Area / northern CA
Started By Allison84
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Hello! I am in San Fran and would love to meet up with some people to talk ...View
Latest poster: Lucyviolin 10 months ago
Normal Topic Ironwood Prison!
Started By Jess
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Hey girl , im looking for a ride as well .... so i mean if you have found ...View
Latest poster: Cecy 10 months ago
Normal Topic Marriage when not approved to visit
Started By Monica
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This is a great question. I was wondering the same thing because I know ...View
Latest poster: Ashlee 10 months ago
Normal Topic Prop. 57! Early release, credits, ect.
Started By Bee
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My husband got an eprd of july 7, 2018 but he is worried about prior ...View
Latest poster: Blueeyez 11 months ago
Normal Topic Family visiting application/questions
Started By rose819re
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You can select the facility and see the visitation rules here.View
Latest poster: mendy1967 1 year ago