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A place for SPWF in Florida to get support, questions answers and meet other members with a loved one in their state.
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Normal Topic Looking for some fellow florida wives/ girlfriends
Started By dee
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I'm in West Palm Beach my boyfriend is in Okeechobee CI looking for friendsView
Latest poster: Karen2235 21 days ago
Normal Topic Gain time
Started By Missing1031
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I’m trying to figure out when my fiancé coming home. He was sentenced ...View
Latest poster: Missing1031 2 months ago
Normal Topic SPWF Florida Wall
Started By Ro ❤ SPWF Owner/CoFounder/CEO
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Is it state or federal?View
Latest poster: Admin Lauren 3 months ago
Normal Topic Everglades CI--- Prison Fiancé
Started By Dreamer
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Hi Dreamer, I'm new to this website so just now seeing your post. My ...View
Latest poster: HoneyBee 5 months ago
Normal Topic Meeting other prison
Started By H.B.
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Hi Jenny Sue, Thanks so much for responding but that is much further north ...View
Latest poster: HoneyBee 5 months ago
Normal Topic Letter to send to Lawmakers for Inmate Cruelty Campaign
Started By Ro ❤ SPWF Owner/CoFounder/CEO
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This is a great letter above. Since it was posted a couple years ago, is ...View
Latest poster: HoneyBee 6 months ago
Started By FederalWIFeMIAMIbaby
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My husband is in Coleman 1View
Latest poster: N/a 9 months ago
Normal Topic Okaloosa CI
Started By Ms.Diaz630
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what do you need to knowView
Latest poster: dee 11 months ago
Normal Topic Feeling sad and worried
Started By Kelly
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My man was also arrested and had no bond. He and I waited months and ...View
Latest poster: Sara Jane 1 year ago
Normal Topic Confused and worried
Started By Amanda
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No not at all, the lawyer seems to think it may just be him mentally going ...View
Latest poster: Amanda 1 year ago
Normal Topic Slow mail
Started By Norman's Jenni
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My husband is at Okeechobee and I had to speak to the SUPERVISOR in the ...View
Latest poster: Pikes Angel 1 year ago
Normal Topic Okeechobee CI Phone List Approval
Started By Pikes Angel
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My husband was just transferred to Okeechobee CI and has been in the hole ...View
Latest poster: Pikes Angel 1 year ago
Normal Topic Newbie
Started By Jeanne983
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Hi and thank you for the add. This is all so new to me. And I'm feeling so ...View
Latest poster: Jeanne983 1 year ago
Normal Topic So far away... ripped my heart out and threw it to Tx!
Started By Carter
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I'm in FL and my son is in Texas. How do you do it??????? How do ...View
Latest poster: Carter 1 year ago
Normal Topic FSP
Started By JJsQueen
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Ooh I'm sorry that sux...... my hubby was sent there because we was ...View
Latest poster: JJsQueen 1 year ago
Normal Topic Very lonely without my husband
Started By Rena
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Hello Rena, I am so sorry that you are going through so much right now. ...View
Latest poster: Junsgirl 1 year ago
Normal Topic CFRC
Started By C.Brownsword
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yes it is sucurus what u have to do is give them the name of your landline ...View
Latest poster: martha 1 year ago
Normal Topic FDC Miami Lockdown??
Started By Island Girl
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I hope you've heard from him by now Kptpeach. I finally heard from husband ...View
Latest poster: Island Girl 1 year ago
Normal Topic Lawyer troubles!
Started By mantgal
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Hi ladies, This is not my husbands first run-in with the law, but ...View
Latest poster: mantgal 1 year ago
Normal Topic RMC work camp to work release
Started By Danie
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hi. my boyfriend is eligible for work release and they told him he is a ...View
Latest poster: Danie 1 year ago
Normal Topic Quarterly Packages
Started By Lauren S
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@Mandee: thanks! I'll let him know so he can ask around about that.View
Latest poster: Nic 1 year ago
Normal Topic CFRC Reception Center
Started By Mrs. C10832
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Go onto the offender search page and look him up, put a Vine on him and ...View
Latest poster: Mandee 1 year ago
Normal Topic Suwannee Correctional Institution
Started By Ericia
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My fiancé was up there for about 8 weeks before they transferred him down ...View
Latest poster: Stefani 2 years ago
Normal Topic First Time in Florida's prison system need advise and tips.
Started By RayBandz
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I get calls to my cell phone, just sent a copy of my phone bill and my ...View
Latest poster: stacy 2 years ago
Normal Topic RE: SPWF Florida Wall - vinnys beautiful > Reply #13
Started By vinnys beautiful
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Original Post Hello everyone. I am seeking information of furlough ...View
Latest poster: vinnys beautiful 2 years ago