SPWF Texas Chapter

A place for SPWF in Texas to get support, questions answers and meet other members with a loved one in their state.
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Sticky Topic SPWF Texas Chapter - Facebook group
Started By Admin Megan
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Hey all, we now have a facebook group (private) for SPWF in Texas. We ...View
Latest poster: Admin Megan 8 months ago
Started By Dreamer
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I have been on this site since June and have not figured out the best way ...View
Latest poster: Christy 2 days ago
Normal Topic New to This
Started By MissEncore
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I am also new to this and I'm so worried that I won't know how to set ...View
Latest poster: Randi 15 days ago
Normal Topic Ride Sharing to Visits
Started By aggiekutie
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Coming from Conroe tx fairly shy from Houston TexasView
Latest poster: Octaviouswife1 1 month ago
Normal Topic Help!!!
Started By nonniemoreno
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I'm new to all of this. It's a little overwhelming, to be honest. My ...View
Latest poster: nonniemoreno 4 months ago
Normal Topic TDCJ Wives or Family
Started By Stacey
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Has anyone had to deal with a discrepancy in their loved ones time served? ...View
Latest poster: alouirwin 4 months ago
Normal Topic anyone know much about this unit Trusty Camp Crain Unit
Started By richard
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This is where my girl friend is until she is Paroled. question is does ...View
Latest poster: richard 5 months ago
Normal Topic Ford Worth Medical Center
Started By Guero's Girl<3
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My husband is new to this prison... Any sister's got their love ones in ...View
Latest poster: Guero's Girl<3 6 months ago
Normal Topic Roach unit
Started By Hisqueen61611
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Does anyone go see a loved one in roach unit tdcj ? I havent seen my ...View
Latest poster: Hisqueen61611 6 months ago
Normal Topic Im Pregnant & My Husband Has A 20 Year Sentence
Started By B D
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I will not be able to have a baby if he serves his full time. I might be ...View
Latest poster: Admin Megan 8 months ago
Normal Topic The HORROR of the Gist Unit
Started By aggiekutie
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my love is in Garza east but a good friend of my love's was transferred ...View
Latest poster: Johnathon's girl <3 9 months ago
Normal Topic TEXAS HB 2120... G3 Offenders to use good-time to earn early parole
Started By Smithwife
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Dear Wives: Another wife and myself are working on getting HB ...View
Latest poster: Smithwife 9 months ago
Normal Topic Good inexpensive lawyer
Started By N/a
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my husband is at Boyd Unit. We had someone prepare a writ of habeas corpus ...View
Latest poster: N/a 1 year ago
Normal Topic SAFP
Started By Lindz13
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Hey Lindz, my man is in SAFP and hes been therebefore i didnt know him ...View
Latest poster: Raerae 1 year ago
Normal Topic Connally Unit
Started By Thugbug
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Where are you located?View
Latest poster: Thugbug 1 year ago
Normal Topic Releasing from MCConnell unit Beeville
Started By Radezgirl
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how dose the process of release go what do I need to expect got 28 days ...View
Latest poster: Radezgirl 1 year ago
Normal Topic My son is in Texas. My world, my everything. <3
Started By Carter
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p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 10.0px ...View
Latest poster: Carter 1 year ago
Normal Topic Coffeild unit
Started By Mel
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Yes, my fiance is there! Going to visit on the 25th of Feb...so excited!View
Latest poster: Supawoman 1 year ago
Normal Topic Could he get out early or at maximum sentence date?
Started By Radezgirl
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I thought they still see the parole board even with a max date. I wish I ...View
Latest poster: Jay Debi 1 year ago
Normal Topic Pre release testing
Started By Mrs.Shipley
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State jailView
Latest poster: Mrs.Shipley 1 year ago
Normal Topic looking for transportation to tdcj baten unit
Started By Tish
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My husband is in Jordan unit. I am looking forward to going soon.View
Latest poster: CeCe 1 year ago
Normal Topic Estelle Unit.... Huntsville, Texas
Started By ADJones
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My nephew was just moved 2 the High Security Unit @ Estelle, he;s gf says ...View
Latest poster: delia 1 year ago
Normal Topic Texas Prison Shuttle
Started By Ro ❤ CoFounder/President
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Do you go from Dallas to Houston??View
Latest poster: Haeley 1 year ago
Normal Topic Books for Prison Wives
Started By Daisy Mejia
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Hello everyone! I'd like to get some help on finding some good books ...View
Latest poster: Daisy Mejia 1 year ago
Normal Topic Ferguson Unit
Started By Brenda
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Thank, happy holidays to you too!View
Latest poster: Brenda 1 year ago