Make A Christmas Memory Even Though You're Apart

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Faithful Servant
Faithful Servant
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Hey, Guys:

This is the hardest time of the year to be away and without the person you love. I'm going through it myself. But I've got a special request to ask of you, and I think it might cheer you up a little.

Why? Hear me out:

I have a website dedicated to prisoners. It's a website that lets them be creative (

For my next post, I want US to be the creative ones, for THEM.


Reply to this post and type a poem, or upload a quick picture of a Christmas card that you make for your husband, brother, sister, mother, dad, uncle, grandpa, son, daughter, friend--whoever it is--that you love, who is in prison.

Do I Win Something? No, BUT... I will post the first 10 posts to my website, and I'll also post it on the Writers In The Dark Facebook Page ( - so you have publicity!

Hey, we could make this a regular thing, and who KNOWS what could happen. People get famous for all kinds of reasons these days....

Get creative, have fun, and remember: keep it PG. And hey, if I get more than 10... perhaps I'll post more!

This is for the ones we love. Just think of how HAPPY they will be to know that you are doing something so special for them, for the world to see.

E-mail me for any other questions:

Thank you and Happy Holidays,
Sammie a.k.a. Faithful Servant

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