Three things being strong doesn't mean...

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Being strong doesn't mean not being soft.
We still get to (and need to!) embrace our feminine sides. We should REVEL in our glory as women. Enjoy the HECK out of those high heels, fun fragrances, fancy hairstyles and whatever ELSE makes you feel "girly". Or if that's not you (I'm a tomboy who's way more comfortable in a pair of cargo pants and boots than anything pink), remember that you still weren't designed to be "one of the guys". There are times a woman's touch - our nurturing tendencies, soft voices and warm embraces, graceful body language and MANNERS - are exactly what a situation needs rather than the brusque and confrontational approach to life that our male counterparts are known for (wink). ENJOY IT when someone holds a door, pulls out a chair or offers to help you. BE PROUD of your body, take care of it and show it off in a classy way! ENJOY your unique beauty and play it up! EMBRACE the gifts that come with being female!

Being strong doesn't mean being stand-offish.
Sometimes we get the idea that we "must" always be put together and "practically perfect in every way", always presenting an exterior to the world that is calm, cool and collected. And that's great! But it's ALSO really great to know yourself well enough to know when you're falling apart and stressed out and feeling a little crazy and hormonal and be able to ACKNOWLEDGE that and deal with it. Laughter is still the best medicine on the planet, and trust me, if all I did every day was laugh at MYSELF, I'd still have a great audience, because I do about a MILLION dumb things every day! Sometimes it's OK to let that wall of control DOWN a little bit, instead of shrugging off questions about how you're doing with, "I'm fine. I got this. I can handle it." Let people HELP you when they offer. Be REAL about where you're at. The people who are worth being in your life will never judge you as "less than" because you're struggling. They'll understand perfectly, because (here's a secret) they are too. Sometimes, taking the time you need to recover when you're NOT feeling strong? Is the secret to real strength.

Being strong doesn't mean (Warning: Big girl language) being a BITCH.
I see a lot of women who love to boast about how "strong" they are - how they REFUSE to let people speak to them a certain way or treat them with disrespect or they just "won't take" certain things. And that's all well and good - except when your APPROACH just leaves you looking like a high school "mean girl" instead of a confident, strong women. REAL strong women? Know they're strong and don't have to shove it in everybody's face all the time. They don't LOOK for confrontations. They get their point across in a polite, direct manner without raising their voices, calling people names, rolling their eyes and sucking their teeth (sorry, Southern expression, it's that little "tchhh" sound we all make when we're irritated) and using profanity. You can be KIND and still strong. There are times when a good ol' "come-apart" is ABSOLUTELY necessary and you are totally allowed to raise hell to get the results you're after. But they really don't happen THAT often. I promise. Speak softly, with words that are clear and precise, and people will pay MUCH more attention to you than they do when you're screaming and having a fit. "Don't show your ass" as we say back home, and you'll give people the impression you WANT them to have.

Stay STRONG, my loves!
- Jo
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Completely well spoken!!

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