L.I.F.E. Tech Transition Center

Wed, May 11 2016 10:24am EDT 1
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I wanted to create this topic regarding LIFE Tech because it was hard for me to get any info before my husband was transferred here. - They can get a package that contains hygiene items and clothes. You can call the facility and get a list of items to send in the box. They can also have phone cards to talk on the payphone. This card needs to be either an ATT or STK prepaid phone card. The others wont work, believe me, I have wasted money on that. You can also send them money orders for the store there. Once they are there 30 days they will get an 8 hour visit. This "family day" visit is at the facility. Two months after the family day visit they will receive a 72 hour pass home. This pass allows you to pick them up at 8am on Friday and drop them off at 8pm on Sunday. Two months after the 1st pass they will receive another 72 hour pass home. A month and 1/2 after that they will graduate and come home. I hope this information will help at least one person. I am at the beginning of this journey, so if you have any other questions, please just ask. Im sure I will know more once I actually visit this facility. ♥

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