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Ro ❤ CoFounder/President
Ro ❤ CoFounder/President
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SPWF Social media and website posting guidelines:

Photographs. No cell phone photos from the inside. If a picture is posted by a member it appears that the inmate is in his/her cell or bunk, the post will be deleted and the member will be warned. Photo and/or visiting kiosk photos will be allowed. No photos showing illegal activity, gang activity/signs, no graphic sexual content and no excessive profanity.

Bashing. No bashing of other members or volunteers. Offering constructive criticism and having differing points of view is allowed. We have a strict "No disrespect" policy. This will get members banned, no "warnings" necessary. If a member contacts you who is personally upset with something that WE, as volunteers, have done/not done, direct them to either Ro or Sarah K.

Advertising and spam. No spamming and no advertising without prior approval from Sarah K., the head of our business team. While SPWF strongly encourages promoting people's petitions, works of art, home based businesses etc., posts of this nature will not be allowed without prior approval. If you are in doubt of whether or not to post something, you may email your question to spwfsarah@outlook.com or strongprisonwives@gmail.com. Someone will respond to you as soon as possible. Most of our social media profiles are set up where requests to post have to be approved by a volunteer first.

Government and prison system. No serious bashing of the government or prison system. While we all get fed up with the prison system and need to vent, hating or bashing of any city, state, county or federal prison systems or their employees will not be tolerated. That can put our organization in the “hot spot” and potentially SPWF can be held responsible. Keep in mind that many of our social media profiles are “public” and can be viewed by anyone, including probation/parole and employees of any/all prison systems. SPWF will not be responsible or liable for any posts that our members put up that are noticed by parties of this nature causing hardship to the member or their inmate. Members are responsible for any/all posts that they put up. SPWF’s Social Media forums are “at will”; however, if any SPWF volunteer sees an inappropriate post, it will be deleted without warning.

Personal information. Please do not publicly give other members your actual full name, address, telephone number etc. We value privacy and security of our volunteers and members above all else. DO NOT POST THINGS WITH YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION ON IT. For example; envelopes or mail showing addresses.

Discrimination. SPWF respects everyone's race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. and we expect the same from our members. Discriminatory posts of any nature will not be tolerated.

Illegal activity. No discussion of illegal activity. This includes, but is not limited to, what a member does on the outside, what a member may have been able to get away with in visit, or the inmate possessing a cell phone, anything referring “handling” any type of “business” either in a facility or “on the outside” for your incarcerated loved one. Violations will cause the post to be deleted and may include being banned. No posting about any illegal activity.

All CAPS. Please do not post in all caps. We ask that you please ensure your caps lock key is set to "off" on when writing blogs, statuses, comments or posts. Experience shows that posts in all caps are extremely difficult to read, especially for our members who only access SPWF from their mobile phones. Also, use spell-check, please! SPWF is a nonprofit organization and we would like to keep our image professional. You, as our members, can help with that by not using a lot of abbreviations, slang or spelling words incorrectly.

Members will be warned professionally and privately by SPWF volunteers. Strong Prison Wives & Families, Inc. reserves the right to remove overly offensive and non-cooperating members without warning.

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Not new to being a prison wife, but new here. Needto talk about sex. Rather, the lack of . . .
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Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
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Not new to being a prison wife, but new here. Needto talk about sex. Rather, the lack of . . .

Hi the following link should bring you to the After Dark Group where you can have that conversation.


Thu, Sep 14 2017 09:43pm EDT 4
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I'm not a prison wife but I have known some women like this, I have my sympathy on them and I wish they can fight thru legal matters.

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