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Wed, Aug 24 2016 12:30pm EDT 1
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my family has been through a lot in the last few years. From getting pregnant young, to being kicked out of our home, police called by family member on over exaggerated claims which lead to a second degree assault charge then homelessness.
We had no one, no friends and families that judged and hated us. But we overcame homelessness, bought a beautiful apartment and began settling in. We spoke to his lawyer about the court date for his charges and were told the lawyer may be able to appear on his behalf since we had moved into another state. The lawyer never got back to us with a straight answer and suddenly stopped contact, we never received a summons and we thought everything was okay naively.

We were wrong. The court date got mixed up, we were never contacted and had no idea he had a warrant until the same family member told police where we were and he was arrested and charged as a fugitive from justice though we were not hiding and had our names on leases and utilities bills. We had informed his public defender of our move as well.

He is to be sent back to Maryland by the 11th and bail set at 1250 dollars. I can't even pay bills let alone that kind of money. We have a child who I'm going to be raising alone. I'm also disabled receiving Ssd and cannot work. I'm alone with little to no help from anyone and all the community now looks at me with judgements, piecing eyes. Looking down on me and my family for his arrest and the rough "ghetto" neighborhood we're from. Parents shove their children behind them when I walk by and won't let their kids pay with our daughter. I have no one and don't know how I'll afford bills, food, and daily needs without running to the welfare office for public assistance. Furthermore he's going to a rough prison and could be given as much as ten years. How can I raise our daughter alone, explain to her when she's older where her daddy is and why the other people treat us so badly? How do we keep our relationship alive with him behind bars? How am I supposed to survive out here alone and he in there? I can't even sleep without his warmth. He's a good man, good father, good husband. He made some mistakes and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He's done the best he could for us. He doesn't deserve it. I don't even know what to expect... I'm so anxious.

I need support. A friend. Someone who understands and won't treat us like scum. I need someone to talk to, who can relate and help me not feel so alone. It's too much to do by myself. Too much to take.
Tue, Feb 14 2017 10:26am EST 2
Island Girl
Island Girl
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Prayers for you! I know this post is from August but I hope that you are still on this site & are getting some support to help you through the days! XOXOXOXO

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