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 Admin Cate
Admin Cate
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I have been keeping an eye on the current 2017 Legisslation session happening, as some of the bills pertain to our loved ones locked-up.
Bill 178
That somone with a heroin trafficking charge could be charged with homicide if someone over-dosed on the drugs they were trafficking. This bill as FAILED.
Bill 202
Civil Assett Forfeiture- PASSED!
HB 202’s much needed reforms would expand additional due process rights for innocent property owners trying to reclaim their belongings. It also requires local law enforcement agencies to annually report how they use Idaho’s civil asset forfeiture laws, restoring transparency to this often shadowed policing practice.
Now one of the most important- (my opinion)
Bill 179- The bill would strike mandatory sentences for certain trafficking penalties, allowing judges to individualize sentences based on one’s background, previous criminal history, and likely success for rehabilitation, instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. This bill will also restore prosecutorial transparency and allow Idaho to continue moving forward in advancing smart criminal justice reform.
They have not voted on this one yet! I hope this passes, we are not sure if it will bring R home sooner, we are doubtful it will as we are just under 11 months from release but this would bring so much positive change for those now and in the future. They are using R's case as one of the top examples of why mandatory minimum's need to be abolished!! Here is a link to the 2017 Idhao Legislation Session!
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Thanks for posting this!!!

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