Let's play a game and get to know eachother. List your 7 favorite challenges below in the comments

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Mon, Nov 24 2014 05:50pm EST 2
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#2. When he took me to the Mariah Carey concert live in Oakland. After the concert he also had a hotel room next to the Arena. What a special night that was.
#5. Favorite song he dedicated to me "Love is My Disease" by Alicia Keys
#17. My husband is 5-6 hours away from me
Mon, Nov 24 2014 05:52pm EST 3
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#8. Last pic before he left me
Mon, Nov 24 2014 05:54pm EST 4
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#15. A drawing he sent me of us from a pic on my 29th birthday
Mon, Nov 24 2014 06:00pm EST 5
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#21. My husband and I have been together for 12 years, 5 month's, and still counting.
#23. I wait because he is MY ONE & ONLY! We have a special bond that no man can break. I love him with all my heart
Mon, Nov 24 2014 07:18pm EST 6
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#5-Crooked Smile by J Cole
#12-He will eat anything and go hard at it, except bananas because he's allergic
#17-We are like 1,700 miles apart, NY to TX
#18-I love everything about him but what I love the most is his patience, his willingness to work at us having a great relationship regardless of the circumstances and his accpeting my children as his own
#22-8/4/2023 but hopefully this year he can make parole
#23-He is the best thing to happen to me.....Or I should say that is still happening to me. He is everything I hoped and dreamed for, I love him with all my heart.
Tue, Nov 25 2014 10:54am EST 7
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Oh, my goodness. I really wish I had photos for some of these things! :) I'll just answer all the questions instead!
1. My man's name is Ben (aka Benny *when I'm feeling silly* or Benjamin *when I'm irritated*) HA HA!
2. Our first visit - Being wrapped up in his arms was like coming home. He held me for so long we got a "warning" from the CO (whoops!) and he introduced me to EVERYBODY who'd hold still long enough.
3. There's only one picture from a visit on my profile!
4. Ah yes, the letter situation - we'd been involved for about four months when he freaked out and "broke up" with me. I tossed his letters because it was too painful for me to hold on to them. We worked things out, of course, and it made us stronger in the long run. Now I really wish I had kept them. HE has notebooks that he keeps everything I send in. I joke that he's going to need to borrow a hand truck from somebody on his release date, to hold all the notebooks.
5. The very first song he sent me still makes me laugh. "The Way" by Adriane Grande/Mac Miller. It's not particularly romantic, but it's so "us".
6. Mine is Reese's Peanut Butter cups. His is ANYTHING, although he rarely allows himself "sweets". He's a health nut :)
7. No selfies on visiting day - no cell phones allowed. BOO! :)
8. Uh, I don't have any pictures of him from when he was 15! LOL He was a friend of my brother's and we didn't reconnect until he was already incarcerated. So we're KIND of "MWI" and kind of not :)
9. I wear a ring on my right hand that he had made for me in the prison hobby shop. I never take it off, because every time I look at it, he's with me!
10. Guess I'd better put some more pictures of him on my profile, huh?
11. I ordered a personalized Christmas ornament for him this year. I'm going to order one every year until he's home and can pick out his own. So techically, they're "his" :)
12. ANYTHING Mexican or Italian. The man LOVES to eat.
13. We're not married (I refuse to marry him while he's locked up - it gives us something to look forward to!) but we count our anniversary as January 6th. It's the day I sent him the first email.
14. "Two men look out prison bars; one sees mud, the other stars." - Beck (it's a reminder to stay mentally focused on the GOOD things about this experience!)
15. I have ONE drawing he had done for me (neither of us has ANY artistic talent) for my birthday! It's a handmade card with my name on it :)
16. He's at Oregon State Penitentiary.
17. I live in Maryland, thanks to military obligations. I'm literally as far away as it's possible to be and still be in the States. Almost exactly 3,000 miles. BOO.
18. I absolutely love his attitude. He is SO focused on rewriting his story and making a solid, healthy and happy life for himself and us when he comes home. I am so proud of him for the changes he's made and continues to make daily.
19. We both LOVE the beach!
20. Me? Coffee. Him? Sprite or Mountain Dew.
21. Almost a year. Yes, we're still very much "newlyweds", although we've definitely made it OUT of the "honeymoon" phase into the real, hard work, every day "relationship" phase! :)
22. January 2, 2020 will be the day my world is complete!
23. I wait because he's the man I've spent my whole life thinking didn't exist. He's my partner. Period.
24. My favorite photo of him is one he HATES! Haha! He was TIRED and scruffy and wearing a blue beanie, but he just looks so rugged and handsome. His favorite photo of me is one I HATE! (Figures). It's my profile photo - I'd just woken up and had no makeup and my hair was all over the place and I'm in my glasses, but he says that "sleepy, good mornin', baby" look is his favorite :)
25. Can we not talk about kissing?! Dear lord, the man makes my knees weak! I miss that MOUTH! :)
26. Mine is Boondock Saints. His (don't y'all ever let on I told you this) is Dirty Dancing. He's watched more chick flicks than I have. For being the toughest man I know, he's a big softie and a TRUE "romantic".
27. The perfect day will be the day AFTER he gets home, when we wake up together and I don't have to let him go ever again.
28. I honestly do not know the answer to this question! LOL! I'll have to ask him! :)
29. His handwriting is horrible! :) But there is nothing that lifts my heart like seeing that scrawl!
30. This January 2nd will be exactly 5 years left. ONE DAY AT A TIME. We GOT this. I'm his ride or die. Period.
*Now I have to go put more pictures of my baby up, and y'all have to "Oo" and "Awww". LMAO!*
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1) my husband's name is Kashon,he is my heart besides our 6 boys!
2)the smile he put's on my face
3)on my profile there is pictures
4)he get's 4 to 5 letters a week and 20 card's in a month
5)k.c. n jojo "all my life"
6)he does not eat candy!
7)no selfies as to federal inmates at prison's are not allowed cell phones!
8)it is on my profile
9)our wedding band he placed on my finger and all the smiles and joy he brings me!
10)none uploaded of this maybe later
11)everything of his is where he left it when he was arrested
13)well we have been together FOREVER!
14)them prison walls can not hold me forever!<that's what he say's<<
15)i have several
16)he's in coleman federal corecctional complex in coleman,florida
18)The way he always makes me feel special in any kind of way
20)him juices?me>>mountain dew
21)well we have been together FOREVER!
22)7/1/2030 but we have a court date for possible sentence reducing in march of 2015
23)he is my heart,my soul,my everything,and the only man besides god i think about!
24)the ones before prison time
25)O i will say "them lips make me tingle",and last kiss i had was yesterday at visit!and though emails he sents kisses
26)we dont watch alot t.v.
27)when he is released from behind them prison walls
28)i open his cologone everyday in smell it
29)his hand writing is sexy!
30)his orginal "EOS' is 7/1/2030 but we have a court date in march of 2015 that from what we have been told could put him out as early as 2017-2018! i pray so cause when them visits end,i go back to being locked up on the outside with him! but i dont want another man,nor do i even think about another man!!
Tue, Nov 25 2014 10:17pm EST 9
Dani Girl
Dani Girl
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I'm gonna try to do 7.
#1 My inmate. Lucien. Jamaican Chinese gorgeous confident smart as hell determined INNOCENT charming loving selfless kind MINE
#5 Song he has dedicated to me. John Legend You & I (Nobody in the World)
#6 Favorite Candy. We eat Skittles at every visit.
#13 Anniversary Date. 8/28/2014 we got married.
#14 Prison quote. We have 2 things we always say to each other. Perpetually yours and MYLT (love you More than Yesterday and Less than Tomorrow).
#16 His facility. Auburn
#17 Distance. 300 miles
#21 Time we've been together. 17 years on and off.
#23 Reason I wait. He's my everything.
#26 Favorite movie. His is Titanic (don't tell him I told anyone), mine is A League of Their Own.
#29 His handwriting. Small I can barely read it...and cursive.
Wed, Nov 26 2014 10:00am EST 10
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1.Reymundo (mixed, handsome and his body
though lol)
2.When we first slept in the same bed and talked half the night
5.Just the way you are by Bruno Mars
9.my whole house
11.I kept everything of his
12.he ate everything except spinach
14.I am yours you are mine we are one
16.Graterford State correctional institution
17.right now two hours until he's sent further up
18.I love how he knows what I'm thinking even while incarcerated
19.anywhere my children are
21.time together 4 mos
23.he was the only one here when everyone else was like fuck you Tiffany….he's my best friend my soulmate
26.our favorite movie is friends with benefits… his favorite is twilight my favorite is poetic justice
27.is a day with him
28.it was sweet yet manly
29.22 mos hopefully
30.its kinda sloppy and he misspells slot of words but I understand what he is saying…he is smart writing is just not his thing (unless it's to me)

Wed, Nov 26 2014 07:31pm EST 11
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These are great ladies, love everyone's post. So many different stories
Thu, Nov 27 2014 12:34am EST 12
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1.my inmate is Beto- he's hispanic.he's in South Bay C.F. distance about 510 miles
2. he tells me we loved each other before we were born
3.he draws me pictures,cuts out little hearts and writes notes on them
4. he sings to me on the telephone
5.he doesn't write letters, he writes books. 10 to 14 pages. i save everything
6.he knows when i'm down and can make me laugh no matter how bad things are
7.treats me like a queen
8.he's my everything.the love of my life..one love,one heart, one destiny
9. he has beautiful handwriting although it's very small
10.4 years to go
Fri, Nov 28 2014 07:55pm EST 13
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I have a real hard time reading instructions obviously so here goes my answers and there's more than 7 :) :

1. My hubby's name is Farron- he's half black and Cherokee and he's sexy. He wasn't my "normal type" and I'm totally glad about that.
2. my favorite memory about us is the time we realized we fell in love. We knew we loved each other but had not yet fell in love. I met his children and I saw how he interacted with his (now our) girls and I fell in love with the girls first and then him. He said he fell in love with me when he saw me with his daughters and I fell in love with him when I saw him being a dad, even in the environment of the visiting room. It was amazing to see. I could cry just thinking about that moment all over again.
5. We love John Legend and of course when his song You & I (Nobody in the World) came out we both fell in love with it and he dedicated it to me but I told him I wanted him to learn the words and sing it to me. He usually will download songs to his mp3 player and do that. At visit one day he started singing it and I started to cry because he remembered. He's sweet and thoughtful and I love him for it.
6. He loves Tootsie Pops suckers. When they have their holiday packs and those suckers are on there, I always order him extras.
9. There are two things that remind me of him. Kelly Rowland's song "Ice" because that was the first song I listened to the day I got ready to go for our first visit and the smell of peppermint sticks because he always has something like that in his mouth to freshen his breath.
12. He LOVES chips. I mean his loves to eat period but hubby loves chips.
13. Our anniversary is 7/29/12.
16. He's currently at LCF in Oklahoma but he'll be transferring soon, prayerfully.
17. He's only about an hour and a half away from me but he's about three away from his mom, sister and the kids. I'm about an hour and a half away from them. I'm right in the middle of them both.
18. Oh gosh, besides everything :), I love his big heart and I've never met a man that reminds me so much of my father. The way he knows the Bible, the way he processes things, the way he doesn't get so worked up about things like I do, the way I could say I need something such as him to open up and he's like a vault when it comes to emotions but he does that for me. He's so willing to make those vulnerable sacrifices for me I love him more. I could go on and on about him but he lets me be myself. He does not ask or require from me anything more than just that because so much of my life I've had to be some other version of me but not with him, he sees me. He's truly amazing.
20. He likes fruit punch, cherry limeade, tea
23. I get this question all of the time and to me I wait because it doesn't matter where he is but if I'm happy then I'm happy. He's my soulmate, my bestfriend, we challenge each other to be better people, I wait because I know in my heart he is the man I'm meant to be with and he's been there for me when people who should have been there turned their backs on me, even when he's been locked up. I wait because I know the value of love, honor, loyalty, friendship, trust and knowing that everything I am only wants everything he is.
25. OMG. I can remember the first time we kissed. We talked about when we met that I wanted a hug but I was not sure if I wanted a kiss but what did he do, kissed me. I could hear my heart beating in my ears and I could feel his heart pounding nearly out of his chest. It was amazballs :). Ever since then I could kiss him non stop if they would let us (someday that will happen). I still make him nervous and I love it.
Sat, Dec 6 2014 09:17am EST 14
chris' cougar
chris' cougar
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1, 16, 17, 21, 22. His name is Chris. He is at BCC here in Ky. I am 2 hrs away from him. He goes up for parole in Feb. for April. We have been together for 6 months now.
2. Working with him and realizing how funny he is. I can still hear him yelling out something funny to the other guys in the hallways.
5. On my birthday this year he dedicated a song for me on the radio All of Me by John Legend. He told me to listen to the words because they had such meaning for him. He also wrote the lyrics on rose scrolls he drew for me.
12. He loves, fried chicken, bologna, peanut butter pie, ski and coffee. I told him if he makes parole in the spring, I would have it all at home waiting for him!
14. He always tells me "they can't keep me forever". But to me, it feels forever.
23. Why do I wait? Because he has my heart. I did not choose this, as a matter of fact, I tried my best to talk myself out of it. For weeks I tried not to fall for him, but my heart won the battle and I love him more and more as each day passes.
30. He is 19 months in a 10 year sentence.

Mon, Dec 8 2014 06:56pm EST 15
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My husbands name is Chad.
My favorite memory of him is singing daughtry and dancing for me.
We have not yet had a visit but it should be soon
Fri, Jan 2 2015 02:12pm EST 16
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Ahhhh i love these!
2. my favorite memory is when we were laying on my couch watching a movie and our snack was pretzels and we dipped it in chocolate icing. It was sooooo good. I thought it'd be cute to just put some icing on his nose, but then it turned into an icing fight and our faces were covered in chocolate icing. So then we went to the bathroom and cleaned each others faces off :)
3.It's kinda dark, but heres a photo from one of our visits!
5. He dedicated this song called "I Don't Dance" By Lee Brice. "i don't dance, but here i am spinning you round and round in circles. It aint my style, but i don't care. I do anything with you anywhere. Yeah you got me in the palm of your hand.." I cried when he told me about it lol
11. I have a few of his shirts at my house and a backpack he used for school. I sleep in one of his shirts all the time.
12. His favorite food is any kind of food lol. He is literally a garbage disposal. He loooooooooved taco bell. He got like 4 5 layer burritos and ate them in like 4 minutes. It was ridiculous lol.
13. Our anniversary date is 12/10/11. we aren't married, but this is the date that he asked me to be his girlfriend :).
17. Hes about 110 miles from me.
18. ugh gosh i love everything about him. He's so sweet, gentle and has the biggest heart i've ever seen. He is hands down the most selfless person. Never thinks about himself and always puts others before himself. He is goofy and silly and has an amazing sense of humor. All of his "flaws" are just perfect to me.
23. I wait because he's my everything. My best friend and my soul mate all rolled up in one. I know there has to be more to him being in prison. So i'm patiently waiting for that to happen :).

24. This is my favorite photo of him because he looks happy and content. You can really notice his gorgeous eyes in this picture too. And i love his smile :)

26. my favorite movie will always be She's The Man with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. It's one of the most hilarious movies ever. I'm drawing a complete blank of what his favorite movie is. we were just talking about it awhile ago. He's a huge movie freak so i've heard so many movie titles from him lol.
28. Ahh i love how he smells!! The one thing i miss so much is his deodorant. He used this stuff called Old Spice After hours and oh my gosh it smelled so amazing. And his cologne was something by Ralph Lauren. Idk what he uses in prison, but he always smells amazing and clean whenever i see him! And im a perfume freak. Im trying right now actually to work on my perfume collection :P. It's tiny right now but im determined to make it big. I love Rebel Fleur by Rihanna, Flower Bomb, Wonderstruck By Taylor Swift. I just love smelling good and pretty haha.
29. I don't have any of his letters on my computer, but his handwriting is extremely good for a guy lol. usually guys have like 5 year old handwriting. His is neater than mine :P
30. Right now he has Life without Parole so there is no outdate :(. But we're both praying and hoping that changes and we will have an outdate!

Wed, May 11 2016 01:11pm EDT 17
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There isn't anything recent posted so I thought I'd start it up again. I so enjoyed reading these. People on the outside who have nothing but negative things to say about inmates should read these. Then they might understand, inmates are human beings, who are inside for a wide variety of reasons. There is so much love here. My situation is different. Jamie is my adopted almost son in law, father of my almost ten year old grandson. When I started writing to him I knew absolutely nothing about anything concerning prisons. His entire family dumped him. Won't answer letters. No books. No help at all. He has epilepsy. I pay his medical fee so he can call for a nurse - not that they do much, but they did staple his head back together when he fell off his bunk during a seizure. My daughter won't take their son to see him and I'm far away. I'm pretty much his only connection to his son to know how he is.

One thing I've learned; when all communication is by letter spanning ten years, and at least 400 letters. You really get to know someone. It's easier to get comfortable and write about the good days and the bad. Through writing the book on his life that I am nearing completion of, I know his thoughts and feelings about every aspect of his life and he of mine. His mother knows his childhood but she doesn't have a clue of Jamie the man; his hopes and dreams. He is a very good man. He isn't a criminal.. He has no criminal record before going out with a cousin who tried to rob a club and he was there with him. He was black, poor and lived in Tx. It was the only reason they needed.

Over these years I have come to love him. How could I not? But it's wrong timing in this life. I'm 30 years older than him and happily married. It shows me how capable the heart is to love and expand. He says he doesn't care how old I am. But his mother is what I have be. I hope one day when he gets out he can find someone to love and have a life and maybe I'll l get another grandchild to love. Life is funny sometimes. We don't know where it is going to take us. I call them "Sharp Left Turns."

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