HOW TO NOMINATE: Member of the Month

Wed, Feb 11 2015 03:42pm EST 1
Ro ❤ CoFounder/President
Ro ❤ CoFounder/President
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Is there an SPWF member or one of our amazing volunteers that you'd like to nominate for our monthly feature? Who/what deserves to be shouted out and why?

**It's perfectly fine to nominate yourself as Member of the Month! Just let us know why you think you deserve to be featured. Our Volunteer staff will vote each month after we receive submissions, and after they are featured in the MEMBER SPOTLIGHT GROUP, those bios will remain HERE!

Email Jo ( with your nomination and then look HERE to find the winners!
Thu, Sep 14 2017 09:45pm EDT 2
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Great! I am willing to joinn. Still reading some confessions here. Good luck everyone!

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