SPWF Doing Fed Time

SPWF Doing Fed Time

For our members whose loved ones are doing their time in a federal prison.
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support for any family members with a loved one in the federal system. We all know the feds give out a ridiculous amount of time so we all need as much love and support as we can get and it will help all of us having people that we can relate to and similar issues.

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  • Venessa
    by Venessa 2 months ago
    I'm a little new to this, but can you tell me if anyone has had any luck applying for a reduction in sentence without legal counsels assistance. I'm just worried I'm wasting precious time filling out forms and having letters written to get nowhere. Thank you in advance
  • Tury
    by Tury 4 months ago
    Hi thank you for accepting me. My husband is going to be transfer to Jesup GA, anyone with your love one there?
  • Vic
    by Vic 4 months ago
    How does pigeonly work?? B/c I can’t make phones calls to my husband he has to call me and it’s cost a lot
  • Vic
    by Vic 4 months ago
    Does this get any easier.. I think the answer is no but need some type of hope
  • Vic
    by Vic 4 months ago
    I also want to know which links are the best to have so that way my husband can call me and not pay so much.. he only gets certain amount of minutes per month..
  • Vic
    by Vic 4 months ago
    My husband is in federal prison camp in Alabama but now they are sending him to NC to the medical facility to get his chemo which will only be one round... I am scared that something bad will happen and they won’t send him back to Alabama.. we really want him to be in Miami.. This is frustrating b/c he is doing a 8 year sentence for a fraud he did not commit.. it’s been a month with out him
  • Lauren
    by Lauren 5 months ago
    Die, if you are referring to phone donkey I'm not sure. I can ask Ro since she uses it.

    Twinkle, it is the same system for them but instead of coming through corrlinks it goes via text message. I think. I never used it and my guy is home now.
  • twinkle
    by twinkle 5 months ago
    Hi Die. My guy isn't in Lompoc but he is in another Federal prison. What do you mean texting? Where my guy is there are phone, letters and email through Corrlinks.
  • Die
    by Die 5 months ago
    I’m new on here ... Hello ladies ... Does anyone have a loved one locked up in Lompoc Federal Prison? Has anyone heard about Texting abilities being taken away? The only form of communication left is email and phone ...
  • Cheryl
    by Cheryl 6 months ago
    So I'm new to this website. I'm looking for guidance, support, and encouragement. My boyfriend was arrested in Mid March by the state and when the state was going to be forced to give him only 5-8 years the federal government picked him up saying they could give him more time. His charges are very serious and could hold up to a life sentence just on one of the charges. He just got indicted a few days ago and the government is not budging on giving a plea bargain. He is only 25 years old and could potentially lose his life to the system. I'm so confused how the judicial system works. I've done more work than his paid attorney and we both just feel his attorney isn't fighting to win. He just wants my boyfriend to cooperate. with no guarantees. We've already paid close to $30,000 in legal fees and it's only just begun. I just don't understand how the federal government can just come in and sweep a case from the state, where the state didn't have enough evidence to charge him and with a life sentence. Just doesn't make sense to me. How can we go to trial not having faith in our attorney. The governments conviction rate is almost 100% so it's intimidating. What ever happen innocent until proven guilty. They are framing him for something he was no where near at the time. Plus he's a minority in an all white state, and he's an out of stater they are claiming. But his residential address has been in this state for the past 5 years. They've already said they are setting an example and basically using him as the poster child of all of this. The judges and prosecutors on the case have been all over the news saying racial slurs and all. It;s just mind boggling.