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Support & encouragement for members needing immediate support and heading for a breakdown
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A place where we can offer encouragement and support for anyone who is having a bad day, serious problems, breakdowns etc.

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  • Brown Eyed Girl
    by Brown Eyed Girl 3 days ago
    This is my first "official" post to this site. I am really confused and the depression is becoming overwhelming. My boyfriend was sentenced in Nov 2017 and has 9 years. The earliest he can come home is after 8 years. We live in a city that is usually pretty lax in sentences and he had no prior offenses except for traffic violations and things of that nature. He was with someone who has a long history of violent offenses and I am devastated they gave my b.f. so much time just make an example. I understand that he was there with this other guy and therefore just as liable. But I see other offenses on the news that are much more serious but those people get 3, 4, maybe 5 years. To complicate matters, we were best friends for 20 years and just got together about 8 months before he left. We have had issues with letters getting lost, phones not working, broken JPay kiosks, you name it. And it's only been 3 months! I think of the 8 years we have left and worry constantly. I don't want to worry him with my mental state, but he knows me so well that he senses something is wrong. I don't know how to explain to him what I am feeling without him worrying. I don't know how to handle waiting 8 years. He was also just transferred over 2 hours away. Feel like the deck is stacked against us.
  • CG
    by CG 29 days ago
    I am feeling very worried, lonely, and depressed right now. My husband was extradited from Virginia and is in transit to Florida. I'm told, by the facility he is being transferred to, that extradition can take up to a month. It's been five days and I'm going crazy not hearing from him, reading his letters, etc. How do any of you handle this? When you don't hear from you hubby from days/weeks at a time, how do you cope? This is the longest, in five months, that we've gone without speaking. And it may be nearly a month before we talk. Keep busy, yadda yadda yadda. It's not enough to hear that. But maybe that's all you can do? Anyone else had to deal with this? I'm tempted to drown my anxieties/sorrows in a bottle of whiskey but KNOW that that isn't the proper thing to do. So what can I do? Advice/suggestions are very much appreciated.
  • Kienast Girl
    by Kienast Girl 2 months ago
    I seriously can't take it anymore I can't stand being away from him anymore seriously thinking about putting myself under a 72 hour watch I am tempted to do ANYTHING to take this pain away
  • sweetheartjenna
    by sweetheartjenna 3 months ago
    Hi all I hope maybe someone can help me out. I found out my husband is going to be away intel Feburary 6, 2026. Now everyone tells me the best thing I can do is not think about how much time they have left. I tend to keep realy busy, journaling, working two jobs and writing letters to my love. It is when o have down time that I find myself obsessing over that date. Does anyone have any suggestions on coping this. I know this is the absolute worst thing I can do. But still being new to this, I don’t yet have the skills to not.
  • sweetheartjenna
    by sweetheartjenna 4 months ago
    Has anyone ever had problems getting funds into JPay? I have been trying for days to no avail. My card quits declining for no reason I called both JPay and my bank and on both accounts they can’t see an issue. Curious how it got resolved.
  • Brenda
    by Brenda 5 months ago
    My fiance was incarcerated on July 18 2017 by false accusations that my sister had started that has crushed me and my household. As his preliminary hearing is approaching in 12 days I am doing nothing but praying for the best. I am praying the truth will be revealed and he will be set free. I know nothing is to big for my God. I am doing all I possibly can and it's so hard. I'm getting all the evidence up and communicating with his lawyer, supporting him in all the ways I can, and homeschooling my son and now the bills and everything is on me. But most of all even though its been almost 2 months since hes been in jail, I just can't get past the fact that he's not here. Words can't express how this has made me feel and how this has ripped apart my family. Please pray for me, my kids and my fiance and I will pray for yall. thanks and God Bless!
  • Admin JoJo Matthews
    by Admin JoJo Matthews 5 months ago
    "Believe what your hear tells you, not what others say."

    Author unknown
  • Cheyenne
    by Cheyenne 6 months ago
    There are 2 specific females that i consider friends but theyre always talkin abt oh i hope u waiting for him is worth it. Or always trying to get me to think hes messing up. Like i need them to just let me live my life. Hes been in since april 2015 the month before our son was born, and ive been nothing but faithful and loyal to him. Like why dont they want me to be happy!
  • Mikesgirl
    by Mikesgirl 6 months ago
    Just need to vent. So I dated my l.o 25 years ago and a year and a half ago we reconnected. We were talking every day for 6 months before he went in. Since he has been on the inside we have started dating and I'm happier than I ever could be. The only thing is my closest friends keep telling me that they don't think he will call me anymore once he gets out. He is up for parole in Oct 2017. I went for a visit (which was a 22 hour drive to see him for 5 hours) two weeks ago and I loved the time we spent together. I love my friends but then telling me things like he won't wanna talk to me when he gets out, how do I know he will be loyal to me ( we live in different provinces)just makes me over think. What can I say to my friends to get them to stop saying this stuff and making me over think.
  • Yani
    by Yani 6 months ago
    Hi , how will I encourage my fiance who's depressed upon knowing his sentence..