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Hi Everyone !

I wanted to create a group where i can share my ideas of stuff you can send your loved ones through letters. A place where we can all come together.

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  • Johnathon's girl <3
    by Johnathon's girl <3 4 months ago
    hi every one my fiance's mother passed away unexpectedly and he has suffered from depression for several years I was wondering if y'all had any creative or fun letter ideas I mite be able to use to help him
  • Admin JoJo Matthews
    by Admin JoJo Matthews 5 months ago
    Funsize, can you draw and decorate your own calendar pages for each month? Whip one up for September and send it in.
  • Funsize
    by Funsize 6 months ago
    Ok ya'll, got a question-found out I can't send something simple as a calendar to my SO. "You can write him a letter!" So besides just making a list of what is going on during the month in my "letter," does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you! In advance!!
  • Cody
    by Cody 7 months ago
    SO for the past month me and my close friend have been playing 21 questions.when we write each other letters, we included 21 questions . we have known each other since high school but this little game has helps us get to know each other better.
  • staceyg
    by staceyg 9 months ago
    Father's Day ideas?
  • Starclipse
    by Starclipse 10 months ago
    Hi everyone! My husband and I recently exchanged "sex surveys" with each other. It was something new and exciting to do while also helping us get reacquainted better. When we were finished completing our "surveys', we would elaborate on our answers either on the phone or through letters. It was different and fun to do.
  • Britty1007
    by Britty1007 11 months ago
    I love to play the question game with my fiance in our letters. I'll ask him a question, give him my own answer and then it's his turn to respond, ask me a question and have his response already written in the letter. Even though some couples have been together for a long time, I think you can always learn something new. I've googled "unique questions to ask a person". To me, it's a lot of fun and it's a beautiful way to connect. Some example questions: What would you say your biggest achievement in life is and why? If you could go back in time and witness one historical event, what would it be? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? Just some ideas for anyone who is interested.....
  • Jaime
    by Jaime 11 months ago
    My Fiancé is in county waiting to be sentenced, I've been informed I can't do certain things, like send pics or even draw him anything. So I'm trying to come up with something to write him for his birthday. (It's Monday) so I have to have it in the mail tomorrow. Does anyone have ideas for me?
  • Mrs. Taber
    by Mrs. Taber 1 year ago
    I am part of a Facebook closed group that promotes the struggle we are going thru! Just going to leave the address... take a look:) Ty ladies
  • Duckies
    by Duckies 1 year ago
    The past two years the kids and I did 25 days of Christmas for my husband. We sent him a card, craft, picture for 25 days. Last year I guess we went to crafty and a lot of the things got sent back. I sent a few things the kids had made at school for the much construction paper and glue o guess. We will have to be more careful this year. We did a really cute photo shoot though. We dressed up in goofy Christmas outfits. Husband loved the pictures. My favorites are using the kids handprint or foot print and Turing them into an angel, reindeer, ect..... But looking for some newer ideas for this year.