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A place to swap ideas, give advice, make plans, and share stories about weddings in and out of prison.
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Are you getting ready to tie the knot? Want to ask advice? Share ideas? Show off wedding photos? This is a place for all SPWF Brides/Fiances/Wives to get together and talk about all things wedding.

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  • SCgirlMmp
    by SCgirlMmp 4 months ago
    This site is amazing! After a long and stressful process my husband and I are married!!! He’s an inmate at SCDC and we did marriage by proxy! Now we have another hurdle. He changed his name to mine and I even have POA but social security is giving me trouble. Any ideas ladies! And congrats to y’all!
  • Lady wild
    by Lady wild 9 months ago
    What are the steps in TN?
  • Supawoman
    by Supawoman 1 year ago
    30 days from TODAY will be OUR day...April 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Supawoman
    by Supawoman 1 year ago
    I received the affidavit of absent applicant for marriage license from my babe today, all signed, notarized and ready for me to take to my local courthouse. Whew! I guess the ball is now in my court now....all up to me now. Our big day..........one day after his bday, April 18th!!!!!!!
  • Misty
    by Misty 1 year ago
    I had an idea today, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice? We're getting married December 9th, and we only get two witnesses. Both of our families are on facebook, and I was thinking about making a facebook event for the wedding that could kind of be treated like a guestbook. They could send their well wishes and I could pass them on to Stevie. I'm not sure if it would be tacky or not, what do you guys think?
  • Misty
    by Misty 1 year ago
    Oh, I've never heard of that before, but I bet it would be hard to find someone willing to do that. The pastor who's performing our ceremony did pre-marital counseling with us, but only 2 sessions. I bet a professional counselor would cost a lot of money, do you have anyone in a church you can reach out to?
  • KayV375
    by KayV375 1 year ago
    His prison requires we do 6 months of marriage counseling before we get married, but I'm having difficulty finding someone who's willing to travel to the prison. Anyone else run into this? Thanks!
  • Misty
    by Misty 1 year ago
    Hi Jen! We're getting married in November too :D
    It's really a totally different process for every prison. Your fiance's caseworker should be able to give you more information.
    I can tell you about where my guy is. My dress has to fit within the regular visit guidelines, so it's a very simple dress with no lace and long sleeves. He has to send in a request for any extra stuff he wants to be able to have during our ceremony, he's going to ask to be able to wear a shirt and tie and for one of our witnesses to be allowed to bring in a camera, but the camera is a long shot. If that isn't approved we'll have to pay for photos at $2.50 each.
    We're only allowed two witnesses but some allow more. It's always a very simple ceremony, but remember it's not about the material stuff, most of the celebration will take place inside your heart :)
  • Jen
    by Jen 1 year ago
    My man and I are getting married in November. I would love some advise on what we can wear, photos that are allowed to be taken and such. I am completely new to the prison system so I have no idea what to expect.
  • Misty
    by Misty 1 year ago
    Question: How did you find an officiant for your wedding?