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    How's this for irony: I just filmed a video with Stephanie to promote #invisibleshackles and she missed his call because we were filming. #invisibleshackles. (if u don't know what I'm talking about, the video explains it all.... It's a fun new campaign S
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  • Lauren


    Having to admit that my relationship is over and honestly never really had a chance since he came home is by far the worst feeling ever. The grief and heartache that I am feeling right now is 10x worse then when my mom died 2.5 years ago. Moving on is wh
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    Admin JoJo Matthews

    Welcome new members. We are so glad you found our community. Please click the start here tab to get familiar with the website. We hope you find the support you need on this journey.
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  • MrsSMITH


    I'm hurting so bad right now
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  • Thao


    My baby boy turning 2 on july 30 hmmm idk what to do for him! Saturday the 25 his daddy wants to see him and give him b day kisses and hug! I am in the middle of throwing him a b day party or just take him to kids play area??
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  • Katylynnaz


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  • Air3218


    So excited for girls night tonight! Hope to see everyone there :)
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    Does anyone have a love one in Soledad state prison
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  • mslady8806


    Doing time with my honey in Iowa state penitentiary
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  • Jalynn


    As we wake up this Christmas morning, I know that we're all missing some very special loved ones. I'm sure for some of us today is going to be a lot harder than just a "normal" day. People are enjoying their families and for us someone's missing. I know
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  • Chrisnali


    I'm not angry, but I hold a lot of animosity in my heart for Chris's family. His father had 4 kids. Chris is the oldest. Jordan was murdered at the age of 18 almost 3 years ago, Michael was adopted out, and Emily is 16 and lives with her mom. Only seeing
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  • PoetsGirlfriend


    We have had our 1 year anniversary and it's almost time for my baby's birthday. I wish I could do more than a card and stuff. I wish he was home with me celebrating. God is working through all of this.
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