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  • Misty
    by Misty 2 years ago
    Hey, SPWF Brides!

    We've got some new members, how bout a roll call?

    Let's introduce ourselves!


    Where are you from, state?

    How long have you been engaged?

    When's the big day?
  • Misty
    by Misty 2 years ago
    My name is Misty (Squeek on here), I'm from Maine.
    We've been engaged a little over year, but only since January officially.
    We're hoping to get married this summer, pending approval of course :D
  • Pati
    by Pati 2 years ago
    Hello, I am Pati, I am from NY, I have been engaged since October, due to get married this year, they have given us approval, but it takes about a year to actually get married. So, I hope soon I will have a date. My love has 6.5 years to go.
  • Misty
    by Misty 2 years ago
    Nice to meet you Pati!

    I didn't think to include how long we have left, thanks!
    We have just over 6 years :D
  • Nancie
    by Nancie 1 year ago
    Hi. My name is Nancie. I an from Iowa. We have been engaged for a yr now, we have put it off for now, well he has. So no date set, yet. He is slowly coming around. Idt he knows how to feel about it happening while he is incarcerated just yet. Another reason i joined this group is so that i can show him that cpls do it all the time.
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