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  • Misty
    by Misty 1 year ago
    October 2nd 2016
    Today we’re going to take a closer look at our breathing. Are you filling your lungs with every inhale? Are you letting all that stress go with every exhale?

    Let’s slow it down. Focus on every breathe, count them out.

    Inhale for 4 seconds
    Hold for 7 seconds
    Exhale for 8 seconds
    Pause for 1 second
    Repeat for 5 minutes

    It might be hard to stretch out the exhale the first time, you might feel like you need to breathe. Do it if you have to, then try again. Imagine the stress leaving your body as you exhale every bit of air in your lungs.

    Your mind might still go crazy like it did yesterday, just breathe out the crazy thoughts.

    What kind of thoughts are you hanging onto as you breathe? Are you having a hard time clearing your mind?
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