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  • Misty
    by Misty 1 year ago
    October 3rd 2016
    Today we’re going to repeat yesterday’s exercise.

    Inhale for 4 seconds
    Hold for 7 seconds
    Exhale for 8 seconds
    Pause for 1 second
    Repeat for 5 minutes

    Also today, let’s share our own histories with meditation. When did you start? Is this your first time? How do you think it will help or has helped you?

    I started when I was a teenage. I didn’t have access to different techniques or books or anyything, I would just go out and sit silently with nature and try to calm my mind. Then I abandoned it for years. When my marriage started to go downhill I needed something to calm my mind again. So I started really researching it. That was only 4 years ago, and I’m still very much a beginner.
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