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  • Mrs Many Furs

    Mrs Many Furs

    Been with my man 3.5 years and I have red flags go in off in my head now. Recent visit I watched him get into a verbal vomit with a CO. Week 2 I left my cell phone on the counter of a cat part store and therefore missed his call. We went nuts on the phon
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  • Misty


    Good Morning! We did it, we got married on Friday! I'm trying this morning to write a blog post that captures how I felt that day so I can share it with everyone, but I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. He's my husband, this is for real, and I've never
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  • Prison Hubby

    Prison Hubby

    new here are there any other husbands here like myself, my wife is in state prison and there not much out there for guys in my situation, i hurt just as bad as any prison wife and not afraid to admit it.
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  • Mrs.Daniel Vieth25

    Mrs.Daniel Vieth25

    today is me and my husband Daniel wedding anniversary
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  • Reese


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