Putting the STRONG in SPWF!

Putting the STRONG in SPWF!

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Helping our sisters build their personal STRENGTH in order to build themselves and their partners up and create healthy, thriving and lasting relationships!

Ask your questions and get them answered. Check out resources from experts and articles aimed at empowerment!

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  • Ashlee
    by Ashlee 10 months ago
    I have been really struggling a lot lately with Perry being gone. He just got to reception a couple weeks ago so I havent been able to speak with him at all. Not even a letter to let me know he is alright. All I can think about is the fact that I wont be able to see him until he comes home because I am an ex con and i have a warrant so they wont approve me for visiting. I am completely devastated. If anyone has any words of encouragement or advice they would be greatly appreciated. Because at this point in time I honestly am having a hard time continuing on without him.
  • Faith0825
    by Faith0825 1 year ago
    My Husband has been gone almost a year now. He is at a Fed prison camp 10 hrs away from me. Federal?? Yes, meaning no conjugal visits. The toughest part for me to adjust to is the lack of intimacy. Very little intimate talk on phones and in letters. He is afraid to say much because he knows the phones are recorded and the mail is read. He doesn't want to be looked at as weak in any way shape or form. Because he is so far away, I have only been able to see him 3 time this year and I bring along our daughter and other family members, so we REALLY have no alone time. I'm really struggling with this. Any advice?
  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
    by Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 1 year ago
    FDC we're from Buffalo, NY. Mr. sexy was in Malone and Franklin for 3 years. I drove up only on the long weekends. When he moved to Gowanda I tried to go every week it was only an hour drive. You're more than welcome to email me at spwfcat@outlook.com if you need anything else. Also, the following link should bring you the NYS Forum here on the website. http://www.strongprisonwives.com/forum/top/150
  • FCD
    by FCD 1 year ago
    Hello everyone,
    I hope all is well with you. Is anyone in here from NY? How are people getting to these prisons? Interested in transportation options.
  • Jasper
    by Jasper 1 year ago
    Jasper I knew d l before he got locked up, Nothing serious,went out a couple times, We made contact a year ago, I have faithfully went to visits, put money on his books, & am getting clothes put together for him for when he goes to a work release(pre) I'm starting to get really insecure because he will be out next month, & I am afraid of being left (used), I'm starting to get pissed when he doesn't write me as much as i write him, when he's the one that locked up, he has access to the computer for e-mails, Plus his daughter I feel is going to make things difficult between him & I,, please share some insight,, i feel like I may be starting to push him away so I don;t get hurt, & that's not at al what I want,,
    4 mins ago
  • B
    by B 1 year ago
    Hello everybody I hope you guys are having a great day! I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with counseling or psychiatry in jail. Did it help? For some reason i don't know why but I feel like they would use information against him if they wanted to. The system isn't held to the same laws even if they say or try to make it seem like they are. Are there certain things he shouldn't say?
    I really need my love to talk to somebody on a regular basis to help him through his pains and problems of his past and he needs it before he comes home. I want to advice counseling to him but I don't kno about counseling in this setting and capacity I just don't want him to continue on this whole time being there without help. can someone please let me kno if you have any experience on this topic please
  • Jo_Reed
    by Jo_Reed 2 years ago
    Happy Monday, pretty girls! :) How is everybody feeling today? Strong? Scattered? Silly? (Let's see what OTHER S-words I can come up with besides the obvious, if this computer doesn't stop lagging! HA HA!) Just wondering what's good in your world today? What do you need help with? CHECK IN! <3
  • Jo_Reed
    by Jo_Reed 2 years ago
    Morning, dolls! Man, what a crazy few weeks it's been! How are all my STRONG women doing? I've been buried in getting ready for our conference in Dallas and getting ready for my wedding! EEK! 5 more weeks! I'm super excited about BOTH events. Watching everything come together to really be able to spread a message of strength and encouragement to other women living this life has been pretty amazing! How are YOU doing today? What's GOOD and POSITIVE in your life? What CHALLENGES are you dealing with that I can help you re-frame and see differently? WEIGH IN!
  • Jo_Reed
    by Jo_Reed 2 years ago
    Good morning, loves! WELCOME! This is going to be a group where you can come and ask anything that's on your mind about your life and relationships! If you don't feel comfortable posting with your "details" attached, send me a PRIVATE email and I'll re-post it here ANONYMOUSLY to make sure you still get your answers! I will also be sharing great resources I find that I think might help us ALL stay focused on building ourselves into strong women who can have thriving and awesome relationships with others! :) Enjoy!