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  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

    Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

    Such a great weekend so productive, two conference calls with my awesome team members. The creative juices keep flowing for our new #GivingTuesday campaign. Super excited! So grateful.
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  • Admin JoJo Matthews

    Admin JoJo Matthews

    Welcome new members to get familiar with the website click the start here tab. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting things to Come.
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  • futrmrshmr


    We're now entering what I'm calling the home stretch. We file his early release papers the end of September so we're praying he'll be home for the holidays. One of his co defendants was released this past week so we're taking that as a good sign. Keeping
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  • sweetestlatina


    Had great visits with hubby hurry up Friday lol
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  • Air3218


    So excited for girls night tonight! Hope to see everyone there :)
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  • kc


    Any advice on how to prepare for him coming home? We've lived separate lives for a few years, but dedicated to each other. I hear it's difficult adjusting to one another again. We've been together for twelve years ...Any advice for a smooth transition?
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  • mslady8806


    Doing time with my honey in Iowa state penitentiary
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  • Misty


    Good Morning! We did it, we got married on Friday! I'm trying this morning to write a blog post that captures how I felt that day so I can share it with everyone, but I don't think it's quite sunk in yet. He's my husband, this is for real, and I've never
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  • Admin LaSann

    Admin LaSann

    Yesterday was the half way point.... And life has changed so much since he's been gone.
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  • Nic


    That moment when someone asks you about "him". And you can't help but cheese from ear to ear, get the butterflies, and sparkle in your eyes, and sigh deeply cause you're so in love! Yeah... that. I love that unexpected moment.
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  •  Admin Cate

    Admin Cate

    Good morning from Montana!! Welcome to all the new members, please click on the start here at the top of the page!! You've come to an amazing support system full of love and encouragement!!
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  • Mrs. Foster

    Mrs. Foster

    Sending a message to all you beautiful ladies who loved ones are incarcerated, you are beautiful and so much stronger then you know! This life seems so hard at times but you will get through it and just in case no one told you today: You are beautiful, y
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