SPWF Prison Wives with Kids

SPWF Prison Wives with Kids

For those that are Wives and Mothers.
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It is hard on us as Adults to deal with our Husbands being Incarcerated but can be even harder on our children at times. This group is for all the Ladies who are not only a Wife but a Mother as well. A place for us to bounce ideas back and forth on how to make our Childrens' lives a little brighter and more manageable while their Fathers are away. A place to vent and get advice from other mothers. A place to give or get ideas on everything Kid-Friendly.

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  • SScott1202
    by SScott1202 3 months ago
    My husband was just sentenced to 52 months. My daughter, a little less than a year and a half has been so moody since he left. He was not living with us but would visit often. Will it get any better? She just seems to be on a roller coaster of emotions... maybe because I'm emotional?
  • Admin Lauren
    by Admin Lauren 3 months ago
    @tinker belle I have a extremely jealous baby mama. She has tried multiple times to interfere in our relationship. It has finally come to a point where he now realizes this and has told her to stay out of his life and ours.
  • Tinker Belle
    by Tinker Belle 4 months ago
    Hi ladies I'm new here. I'm just wondering if anyone have to deal with a spiteful baby mama?
  • Mrs. 2967981
    by Mrs. 2967981 5 months ago
    Wishing all you mommies a great day
  • Cecy&Josh
    by Cecy&Josh 6 months ago
    Hi..I'm very new to this but my husband is incarcerated and facing a lot of time in Indiana, were from Illinois but that's where he got arrested. We have a 4 month old daughter and I'm not sure how to raise her to know her dad when she hasn't even met him...any advice?
  • Mommy of 5
    by Mommy of 5 7 months ago
    My husband was just sentenced to 60 months my kids are taking it hard any advice?
  • Ashley
    by Ashley 7 months ago
    Only a few more days to get your coloring pages in!
  • Ashley
    by Ashley 7 months ago
    Hey ladies make sure you check out the contest we are running for an awesome game for Christmas!
  • Ashley
    by Ashley 7 months ago
    Hey gals!!!! Who is ready for a contest?? On Monday I will be announcing a fun little contest to do with our kids. Make sure you check it out!!!
  • Ashley
    by Ashley 8 months ago
    hey ladies, how is everyone doing? We have some awesome things coming the next few months to this group! What are some thing you ladies would like to know or need help with. The holidays are coming up and I will be sharing some of the ways we try to include daddy in our holiday festivities. Stay strong beauties and love on those babies! -Ashley