SPWF Prison Wives with Kids

SPWF Prison Wives with Kids

For those that are Wives and Mothers.
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It is hard on us as Adults to deal with our Husbands being Incarcerated but can be even harder on our children at times. This group is for all the Ladies who are not only a Wife but a Mother as well. A place for us to bounce ideas back and forth on how to make our Childrens' lives a little brighter and more manageable while their Fathers are away. A place to vent and get advice from other mothers. A place to give or get ideas on everything Kid-Friendly.

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  • Duckies
    by Duckies 7 months ago
    Hello everyone! My husband has been incarcerated for 4 years now. We have a daughter and a son. The girl was 5 when he left and boy was 4. Husband has a total of 21 years. By the time he gets out the kids will be grown. We have been working so hard to keep the relationship strong between the kids and my husband. But has they get older it is getting harder. With the limitations that we have with him being incarcerated we have to be creative with what they can do together. My husband still wants to make memories with the kids even though he isn't physically able to be there. My son and husband both love video games. My son will play zelda while talking to his dad and they will work on beating the game together. I buy my husband the guide book so he is able to help. Our daughter use to play final fantasy with him but she is no longer interested in that and he is taking it to personally. Any suggestions on keep the bond strong between kids and there parent while incarcerated? Any suggestions on things they can do together over the phone?
    Thank you and happy new year everyone!
  • Smolina
    by Smolina 8 months ago
    Hi everyone,
    So I need a little advise. My husband is sentence to 4 years, he is eligible for parole are 2-2and 1/2 (pending his assessment). I have 3 beautiful kids ages 6, 5 and 3, 1 girl 2 boys my daughter being the oldest. Well to get to the bottom of it, my mother is planning this huge "family" vacation to FL (Disney World) this coming summer. And while I always dream and planned on taking my children there, my dreams and plans always included my husband. A part of me wants to go, because I don't ever want my children feeling like they missed out, because of a mistake their father made. But there is this bigger part of me that doesn't want my husband to miss out on such a key moment in my kids life. I haven't bought it up to him yet, because the last thing I want to do is for him to feel isolated even more or for him to somehow get the impression that I am moving on without him. So ladies please help, idk what to do... My children's happiness is my number 1 priority but the last thing I want to do is hurt my husband but he is feeling the lowest he ever felt in his life.
  • Melissa
    by Melissa 11 months ago
    Hi everyone. Its only been two weeks since my fiancé surrendered and its just me and my 15 month old. When just went thru a hurricane and now we're trying to go back to normal and start a new routine with Daddy. Anyone have any advise for me starting this single mother journey now for 10 years.
  • Admin JoJo Matthews
    by Admin JoJo Matthews 11 months ago
    Hey all how is everyone doing?? I just put my daughter on a plane yesterday to go back to
    Her dad's house. I never imagined myself being a single parent. I
    Wish my love were home with me so I wouldn't be so alone.
    It's ok though I've got this. I hope everyone else is doing well!!
  • SScott1202
    by SScott1202 1 year ago
    My husband was just sentenced to 52 months. My daughter, a little less than a year and a half has been so moody since he left. He was not living with us but would visit often. Will it get any better? She just seems to be on a roller coaster of emotions... maybe because I'm emotional?
  • Lauren
    by Lauren 1 year ago
    @tinker belle I have a extremely jealous baby mama. She has tried multiple times to interfere in our relationship. It has finally come to a point where he now realizes this and has told her to stay out of his life and ours.
  • Tinker Belle
    by Tinker Belle 1 year ago
    Hi ladies I'm new here. I'm just wondering if anyone have to deal with a spiteful baby mama?
  • Mrs. 2967981
    by Mrs. 2967981 1 year ago
    Wishing all you mommies a great day
  • Cecy&Josh
    by Cecy&Josh 1 year ago
    Hi..I'm very new to this but my husband is incarcerated and facing a lot of time in Indiana, were from Illinois but that's where he got arrested. We have a 4 month old daughter and I'm not sure how to raise her to know her dad when she hasn't even met him...any advice?
  • Mommy of 5
    by Mommy of 5 1 year ago
    My husband was just sentenced to 60 months my kids are taking it hard any advice?