What to expect once your loved one is finally released from Prison.
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This group is to talk about any concerns about re-entry into the free world and the issues your loved one will face when leaving prison. There are going to be many obstacles and rejections.. We can give each other support and ideas to help in the transition for our loved ones.

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  • Princess21
    by Princess21 14 days ago
    Hello...God’s willing my husband should be home soon...I’m kind scared cause I don’t know what to except this will be our first time living to together...what can I expect or how can prepare for him to come
  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
    by Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 5 months ago
    Good morning Germari210 1st I would like to say Congrats! I'm not sure what tdcj means. The following link is to the Forum Page if you scroll down to your state you start a topic and hopefully someone can help you.

    Forum - Strong Prison Wives & Families

    SPWF Posting and Photo Rules & Guidlines We want everyone to be able to enjoy our community that we have worked so hard to build but we have to follow some rules to protect not only our loved ones but also our community. Certain posts and photos can put us at risk of getting shut down.

  • Gemari210
    by Gemari210 5 months ago
    Hello everyone, my man has month to go.
    , he is in tdcj, he is already in reentry but unsure how it works. Max sentence is 3-26-18 but parole told him 2nd so of Feb. I'm confused
  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
    by Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 7 months ago
    Happy Sunday! Welcome new members! The following link is a video of my responses to the wall comments. Thanks!

  • TagsGirl82
    by TagsGirl82 7 months ago
    Hi everyone! My fiance is being released in 2 weeks and 3 days and I am super nervous! I feel like he isn't being realistic about how tough his transition may be back to "normal" life. I try to be honest with myself so that I am not disappointed but he just keeps saying how perfect everything will be. He has every right to be happy to be coming home but I wish he would talk about the things we both know could be a struggle so that we can have a game plan to work it out together. Does anyone have any advice on how to help him have a easier transition and also what I might expect from his first few days home? Thank you!
  • Kienast Girl
    by Kienast Girl 7 months ago
    Hey Ladies,
    Got a few things on my mind this afternoon when it comes to release. Fingers are crossed that my Husband will be home before the new calendar year. Has anyone gone through an appeal?? I know they sometimes take forever, but do they sometimes let people go home while the appeal process is going? or do they keep them locked up? My Husband is down 9 months going on 10. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Liz
    by Liz 9 months ago
    My guy is being released on Monday or Tuesday. He will be on high control parole and his PO will pick him up and bring him here. I am excited and extremely nervous. He has been down for 19 years. It's such a long time to be away from society. Any advice on what to expect would be helpful! Thank you.
  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
    by Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 9 months ago
    Welcome to all the new members. Over 3 years, we still have another 2 years to go of his Parole Thursdays and the night before being alone is the worse probably something I will NEVER get used to. What's making it worse is last week he has his Polygraph and they tried to pull some BS once again. God only knows what he's going to walk into tomorrow. On a positive note, he has his program before he has to report and they seem to be seeing things from our side.
  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
    by Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 11 months ago
    Hi, Dev yes I personally know what you are going through. Mr. Sexy is home over 3 years and is on parole till 4/2020. Every time he goes to Parole I'm a nervous wreck.Thoughts and prayers, good luck.
  • Dev
    by Dev 11 months ago
    Good morning ladies! Looking for some advice. Today we find out the sentence for my SO. I am terrified. I know God has a plan. But I don't know if I am up to the challenge.
    My SO has been incarcerated for 205 days. In the scheme of things I know this is a short time compared to others but doesn't make this any less daunting.
    He is currently in county and after today we find out if it becomes a prison sentence or parole etc.
    Has anyone been terrified of both outcomes?
    Possible prison time with all of the dangers that entails or him coming home and having to figure out a way to recover and move forward. They are both extremely daunting and painful.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.