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SPWF MWI - Met While Incarcerated

A group for couples who met during incarceration
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Couples who met while incarcerated (MWI) face a different set of issues and additional judgment from those on the outside. Whether you met through a prison penpal ad, a friend, relative or cellmate; your relationship is just as beautiful as any one else. This is a support group for our SPWF MWI members.

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  • Queen B
    by Queen B 1 month ago
    Hello everyone we have decided to get married, I love him and we are building a life and we are not allowing his incarceration to stop us from living. I get scared and I don't have much support but that doesn't matter to me, because I feel so empowered and happy in this place with my King than I ever have. My question is do you ladies have any ideas on sentimental gifts I can prepare for him as we journey towards marriage
  • Mrs.Villebrun
    by Mrs.Villebrun 5 months ago
    Hey everyone!! I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with hate letters.....My husband just received a hate letter in regards to me and it's very hurtful. I don't even know any of his old friends and only talk here and there to family and close friends. The letter that was sent to him was not addressed. They knew basics about our relationship, but obviously didn't realize that we are not leaving each other because of them. I'm wondering if anyone has went through this and if so, what did you do about it???
  • Manda
    by Manda 6 months ago
    Hi!! Anyone want to be freinds? Chat? Lets talk! Anyone in florida? Dealing with a long distance? Anyone else so in love with there inmate? Vent? I wish i had someone who gets me!
  • Brooke
    by Brooke 6 months ago
    I am struggling.. For some reason more now after 2 years with him,and 20 months left to go.. Trust has been hard, hes been acting more selfish.. I worry he might not come home every thing is going to be so different. Im not sure who to talk 2 or where to turn..
  • twinkle
    by twinkle 8 months ago
    Hi Sunshine. I'm sorry you are going through this. I wish I could give you some advice but I'm not sure what will happen with your visits. I think you just need to cherish your phone calls and letters. Is there anyway that he could transfer to another prison? Would it be possible to get visits if that happened?
  • Sunshine
    by Sunshine 8 months ago
    Hello ladies, I am feeling so hopeless and depressed. I met my loved one at the facility I worked at, we connected and began a relationship. We came under investigation and I eventually resigned. I now have visiting restrictions indefinitely. We have to appeal but I am
    Just so discouraged and sad. We do have the phone and letters. I am not proud of the things that have happened in the way they did but I love this man with all my heart. So many issues I am struggling with... waiting to hear if they are going to press any criminal charges, seeing if I am going to lose my license, and now the issue with the visits. Has anyone been through anything like this ? Also, has anyone ever had their visits restricted and then allowed to go back? Looking for support please I am heartbroken.
  • Sunshine
    by Sunshine 9 months ago
    I'm feeling kind of down and depressed and somewhat hopeless about the situation I am in currently. I'm looking for encouragement from other prison wives. I left the facility where I met my loved one to continue our relationship, especially once people became suspicious and started investigating. Currently I would not be allowed to visit and not sure for how long. The frustrating thing is that Letters and pictures I have sent (not specifically addressed for me or pictures of me that are identifiable.) They went into his cell and took just those specifically and gave him a slip saying that he did NOT have any contraband but have taken them. He wants to write them up and file grievances but is fearful about retaliation. He also worries they would set him up and cause trouble like they have in the past. He hasn't had any issues in several years. Right now I feel like I will never get to see my love. Right now even the letters are causing issues. I do get phone calls but who knows for how long now. I am fearful for his safety as well. Words of encouragement and advice greatly appreciated!
  • Sunshine
    by Sunshine 9 months ago
    I was curious to know of other prison wives that know of any advocacy groups to help if you are having trouble visiting your loved one and knowing your rights. Also, knowing how to advocate if your loved one is having issues inside the facility. Thank you!
  • Brooke
    by Brooke 9 months ago
    Hey ladies, i dont get on much between work full time and college, but i have a question? As long as me and the hubby are in the same state, there is no reason his PO officer wouldn't let him come home right? Can any1 answer this for me. About a year he'll be home so i just need some reassurrance.. Thanks ladies, much love.
  • Lady wild
    by Lady wild 9 months ago
    Hey ladies I'm back . I need to get on here more often but I'm 27 so I'm doing a lot of things . I met my baby through a friend . We was friends 4 or 5 years while he was incarcerated. I stop talking to him 2 year because we lost contact but once we got bk in contact we took it to the next level. I had problems with girls , they call my fone from Facebook ,all type of shit. I just recommended us to back friends but we both had already felt in love . He prove many times it's nothing but I still accept his apology and told him we been friends for many years , I rather us keep our friendship then mess it over with some bullshit. I knew about the girls in the past. So I just had some insecurities about now that we transition over to the new stage of love. We almost have the same birthday. We are 1 day apart and I saw him this past weekend and it was amazing. I have seen him in 3 months haven't touch him in 8 months due to a write up and they took visitation away , no drama since march and I'm really super excited. Our bond is crazy . We like the same things and our birthdays is 9/11 and 9/12. I'm really happy and very content . I think we had to get an understanding about each other on a different level. Because it was rocky as first . But now I'm so happy, I'm just waiting on him to get out and he wants to get married while I'm there, that's another thing I'm ready for but I don't know he is, I'm really waiting on him to do the paper work because that's when I know he is serious .