Jul 17th

New Video on Our YouTube Page

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Jul 8th

Ro is BACK on YouTube

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Jul 8th

One Way We Can Help Educate Others

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We are always telling you to educate yourself and educate others. This is one way we can help educate others.




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Jun 29th

A Gift for Us

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Ruby's Stationary has a gift for all of us! Print the page and send your loved one some July fun
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Ig: Rubysstationery


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Jun 27th

Share Your Story by Reviewning Us

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Please take a few minutes and share your story by reviewing us on

Great NonProfits website.

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Thank you!

Strong Prison Wives and Families, Inc. nonprofit in Gillette, NJ | Volunteer, Read Reviews, Donate | GreatNonprofits

Mission: To provide a support network designed to help prison wives & families break the cycle, defy stigma & reduce recidivism. Results: As our non profit community grows, so do the demands of our members. We are currently looking to add additional programs for our members to meet their needs.




Jun 26th

Exciting News

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Exciting news...and freebies to come!
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She has some amazing designs for sale.


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Jun 21st

"Released" on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

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The producers of the show "Released" on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is currently conducting outreach and research for the second season of the documentary television series. This series focuses on the challenges faced by inmates being released from prison and their transition back into society. It also highlights the challenges and joy for families reuniting with their loved ones. Strong Prison Wives & Families feels that this program helps in our mission to break the stigma of having a loved one who is incarcerated. After a detailed call from the producers, and viewing season one, we decided we would love to help them. They’re currently looking to work with people who will be released in August & September 2018.
Please email Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 at spwfcat@outlook.com it if you would like to participate. Thank you!

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Jun 13th

Personalized Father's Day Card

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Happy Father's Day!
A Personalized Father's Day Card
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The following link is a Personalized Father's Day Card

SPWF Father's Day Card 2018