Apr 11th

How Many More?

By Stormie

Hello, I come to you today with a heavy heart and a lot on my mind. On April 7, 2018 at 8:58 pm An African American inmate was found dead in his cell after he committed suicide. Our brother hung himself. He was just one of the hundreds of inmates, with the majority being Aferican American, that's being forced to take the Rehabilitative Diversion Unit Program at Marion Correctionals, in Marion NC. No matter what crime he committed to cause his incarceration. He was still a human being, and no matter how you may feel about him, never forget that he meant something to somebody. We know that this man was somebody's son but, what else was he? Was he a father? Was he a sibling? Was he regligious? Was he a leader? Was he human? Does it matter now? Well it does to me. That is why I am reaching out beyond these walls to you for your help. My brother was in the struggle and he got tired of the psychological warfare and the constant oppression coming from the NC Department of Public Safety Administration in Raleigh NC, the Marion Correctional Administration, the correctional Diversion Unit Program. There is nothing REHABILITATING about this program. On the NC website it says that we are in regular population, but we are not. If we were in regular population we would not be locked down in our rooms for 23 hours a day for 5 days a week and then 24 hours 2 days a week. There is 1 white inmate to every 20 African American inmates in this program. They sprinkle the white inmates in the RDU program so it doesn't look racist. Inmates are suddenly signing up for mental health because they are feeling the walls closing in on them after doing so much time behind locked doors. This program continues to drive a wedge between us and our families. We can only get 1 visit and 1 phone call every 30 days. How many more inmates must DIE in this program before somebody out there hears our plea for HELP? How many more must sign-up for mental health? How many more African American do they have to put in here before somebody notices the racism behind the program? How many more families have to be destroyed? How many more inmates have to spend months and years in solitary confinement? This program is about the state of NC receiving money from the Federal Government, not Rehabilitation. Sliding a workbook under our doors once a week for 8 straight weeks is not Rehabilitating. Chaining us up to a table to watch a one our self-help video once a week for 8 - 10 weeks is not Rehabilitating. Sending us to bed hungry every night because our last meal is at 3pm and we don't have any food because we are restricted from buying food from the canteen is not Rehabilitaing. We are looking for your help in order to get rid of this oppressive and racist program or either to make it positive changes to the program. We were also told that this is an involuntary program but we were forced to sign a participation form. We were told that if we did not sign the form we would face disciplinary actions, and that we would also be put in segregation until we decided to participate in the RDU program. Every day gets more depressing in here. When you look out of your cell door, across to the next man, you can't help but to see the red cable running from a bolt in the wall to the clamp that is hooked to his door handle. That is a constant reminder that you also have one on your door. We urge you to call the NC DPS in Raleigh. Contact the congress people that represent your district in the NC General Assembly. Contact the NAACP and other advocacy groups that support people that are incarcerated. Contact the Media, Contact Govenor Cooper and his staff, Contact Marion Correctional and look on their website to see if they mention the death of the African American man that died on April 7, 2018. As I close this message I would like to leave you with the words of Rev James Lawson. "the heart of racism/oppression is the idea that a man is not a man, that a person is not a person. You are human beings, You are Men".

Thank You for your time and I hope that my message reaches somebody soon, because we are still human beings and we are still men in the struggle.

Be Blessed

Bobby Curry Sr


C/O Stormie

Feb 28th

SPWF Birthday Scavenger Hunt Day 2

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SPWF Birthday Scavenger Hunt Day 2
Show Us His and/or Your Tattoo(s).
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Feb 26th

SPWF Birthday Scavenger Hunt

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SPWF Birthday Scavenger Hunt starts tomorrow. Use the hashtag . One prize daily.

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Feb 24th

Facebook Live to Announce #bucks4love Drawing

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Ro will go LIVE sometime today to for the 1st drawing. A $10 donation will get you Admin Megan's e-book Broken Silence emailed to you through Amazon. For every $100 donated this last week of #bucks4love Megan will donate a brand new autographed hardcopy of the book (coming soon). Every $10s you donate gets you one entry in the drawing. #invisibleshackles #spwf #nonprofit #501c3


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Feb 12th

#bucks4love Week #6 Update

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Tell your story to help us end the stigma of loving someone in prison.
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Feb 4th

#bucks4love Week #5 Update

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W-Wives &
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Jan 24th

Meet the SPWF Volunteers

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If you would like to join the team you can fill out an application on bit.ly/spwfvolunteerapp