Jan 30th

It Ain't Easy But It's Worth It

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

   On Friday I attended a work event, our Annual Employee Dinner Dance. Of course, I went without Mr. Sexy due to his curfew. Yes dealing with the question of why he wasn't with me keeping each story I wanted to tell that particular individual straight in my head. Despite all that the evening was a ton of fun. Mission accomplished I danced my but off and then came home to an empty house. Yes, our life is for fro perfect but I love it! Yesterday I received a call from a dear friend of mine from back in the day. He asked how things were going? I said to him "look our lives are very hard and complicated. But I wouldn't change ANYTHING!" He then asked me I have one question for you, "do you love him?" My answer "YES"! His reply was "that's all that matters."


Gloomy Day Missing GNI




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Jan 8th

Being silly is good for the soul

By Admin JoJo Matthews

One of the the big things I love about Joey is that I'm able to be myself 100% and know he will still love me. We started out as friends so I think that helped a lot I didn't put on my best face like a lot of us tend to do on a first date. By the time we actually went out on a "date" he already knew the real me. 

Visits are always amazing with him, it's filled with silliness and laughter. That's the basis of me silliness if I can't be silly I can't be comfortable. 

So even though it's hard because we miss them so much and there are lots of details that have to be discussed when it comes to calls and visits don't forget to be silly too, it's good for the soul. Laughter keeps the blues at bay. 

I know Joey carries those memories with him for the week and that laughter that silliness we share lights his darkest moments. 

Jan 1st

My words to you for 2017

By Admin JoJo Matthews
Loves today is a brand new day to a brand new year let's all make the most of it. Times are tough righ now and we are all sad and missing our loved ones dearly but we cannot take for granted the gift of life we are given every day. For many of you this situation is temporary. For those of you like me that's in this for life the situation isn't ideal but the love must be amazing for you to walk this journey, I know mine is. We do the best to make the best of the crappy situation. 
The last 2 years have taught me how short life really is and we just don't know know when our time here will end. Take advantage of every moment and make a memory. To those that have children they won't be children for long, you don't want to be sitting one day wondering where time went, regretting what you didn't do. 
I know it's hard because the one you love isn't there and you can't figure out how to continue on. Get up and fake it until you make it and remember life is a gift so don't waste it!