Dec 28th

Holidays 2017

By Admin JoJo Matthews

The holidays were a little different for me this year as my mom went back to work part time and couldn’t get the time off. She did pay for a ticket for me and my daughter to visit her. My mom lives in Manitoba Canada where it has been freezing since a day or so before Christmas. That kind of put a damper on our plans. This is my daughters second Christmas here but her first one she was 2. 

We had plans of playing in the snow, building snowmen, sleigh rides, rides on the snowmobile and whatever else we could think to do outside in the snow. Temperatures below zero and the windchill kept us inside for the holidays. 

We still made the best of it and ate delicious food and spent time with family we haven’t seen in years. 

This trip has also meant no visits with my love for 2 weeks. It’s been hard and if 2 weeks has been this hard I can’t imagine how long 3-4 months will feel this summer. 

Anyway I hope everyone had a blessed holiday despite our struggle and I wish a Happy New Year to all filled with peace, good health, and many other blessings. 

Dec 28th

#InvisibleShackles - Strong Prison Wives & Families Closed Facebook Group

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

Participate in the Strong Prison Wives & Families Invisible Shackles campaign. Post your struggles and triumphs while "doing time" on the outside, using the hashtag #invisibleshackles. There is a ton of fun happening. To be approved you must answer both questions. Thank you!


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Dec 28th

Ro has an Announcement

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948


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Dec 14th

Season’s Greetings from Around the World

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

Send your loved one a season greetings message from other places.


1: Don’t sign up if you are not willing to commit to the project. By signing up, you are agreeing to provide notes as well.

2: Please keep things classy. You are part of and representing a nonprofit community that provides support to incarcerated loved ones.

3: Volunteers will simply promote the idea. We will not be “policing” the project in any way unless illegal activity or inappropriate behavior is occurring.

4: You, yourself are NOT to be in the picture however, your hand or arm is allowed.

How to participate:

1: Choose your favorite social media platform. On SPWF's profile, introduce yourself. Give your loved one's name and where you will provide the seasons greeting note from.

2. People will then add their name and their loved one's name to your thread.

3. You will then write a note. For example: "Josh, Casey wishes you season’s greetings from Scottsdale AZ."

4. Then you will take the note and take a picture in an interesting place or with an interesting background. Ie: if you are from Arizona you can send a note with a cactus in the background.

5. Then you will send the note to the other person or post it on that social media profile and tag her.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 with each person who is on your list.

7. When you get your notes, print them off as photos or use Pigeonly and send them to your loved one.

We would love to hear what you and your loved ones think of the "SPWF Seasons Greetings from Around the World Project." Please tag or email us at and let us know.

Season’s Greetings from Around the World from Catherine Julius on Vimeo.


Dec 6th

Merry Early Christmas from all of us at SPWF

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

We used some of your comments on the "you know youre a prison wife when" post to make this. Hope you enjoy.