May 21st

Back after 3 years.

By Clare

Okay, so I'm sure a shit load has changed since I've been gone and some of you may remember me.  For those that don't, I'll give you some background story.   I fell in love with an inmate in Oregon and I fell hard for him.  I live in Australia and I flew out to meet him.  To me it was some epic love story.  We met, we kissed, and it was awesome.  For 2 years, I religiously put $50 on his books, $50 on his phone and $150 into an account so he wasn't broke when he was released.  He was due to get out in November 2014.  I sold my business and flew out again.  I gave him $50,000.00 so he could start a life on top of the money I gave to him each week.   I loved him.  Why the fck wouldn't I?  I never heard or saw him again after that.  I  went home absolutely devastated.  He gave me no reason.  Just stopped all contact.   I was a mess for months.  I lost 77 pounds (20 of it I've put back on damn ot - I blame the new man I'm with for making me happy again - what an asshole).  6 months later, I started getting random messages from his friends, telling me what kind of person he really was and that they were sorry he put me through all of that.   I actually had one woman reach out and tell me she knew all about what was going on but he had told her if she kept her mouth shut, he would buy her a piece of jewellery of her choosing once he got the cash.  I found out a lot later that the money I had given him, he ended up buying an engagement ring to his fiance of six years who I had no idea about.  I was so embarrassed, I went off this site, culled every friend I knew because I didn't want to hear I told you so or what do you expect from an inmate.  Took me 2 years to pick myself up.  I have major trust issues now and my self confidence is fucked.  I have him my all and it still wasn't enough. 


Fast forward two and half years, i decided to write someone off  I didn't want anything but a friendship, but I missed getting letters, the phone calls.  I was absolutely no way gonna put myself thru this shit again.  I told the guy what had happened.   He was disgusted.  To date, he's never asked for a cent and I've never sent any.  I  told him I could only ever offer a friendship but shit happens and I've fallen for this guy in Indiana.  I see the differnces that I couldn't see before.  This guy is AMAZING in every sense of the word.  He goes above and beyond to prove that he is not like my ex and shows me every day how committed he is.    


So that's my story and my update.  I know not even guy is like my ex but it's taken a long time to see that.   And I thank my man everyday for bringing back the trust I once lost.

May 20th

What Is SPWF Invisible Shackles? Explainer Video

By Ro ❤ CoFounder/President

Find out how to get our forgotten voices heard by participating in the Strong Prison Wives & Families Invisible Shackles campaign. Watch the video and then post your struggles here and/or on our social media pages using the hashtag #invisibleshackles

What is the SPWF #Invisible Shackles Campaign? Explainer Video. from Strong Prison Wives on Vimeo.

May 20th

"Cowgirl up and deal with it."

By staceyg

Yesterday was rough. I had to drive through Oklahoma on a day when there was a threat for severe weather. I don’t deal with severe weather very well when I’m not in the car. I also don’t deal with severe weather very well when I’m not by myself. Yesterday I was caught in a severe storm in the car by myself. Without warning, I found myself in a downpour so heavy it turned everything a whitish gray that made the road, cars in front of me, and landmarks impossible to see. With the windshield wipers going at top speed, I could barely make out the taillights of the vehicle in front of me, and I just prayed that following those lights would steer me safely off the highway. After a few harrowing minutes, I was able to exit the highway and take shelter at a nearby gas station.

Upon entering the gas station soaking wet, I simultaneously heard someone’s phone alert going off and my phone ringing. After listening to the prerecorded message informing me that I had a “prepaid call from __________, an offender at __________ Correctional Center” and that “this call will be monitored and recorded, except for privileged calls with attorneys,” I heard a worried voice on the other end of the line.

“Where are you?” he asked.

“I’m at a gas station in Pauls Valley,” I replied.

“There’s a tornado on the ground in Springer.”

“Where the hell is Springer?” I asked, the panic rising. With the phone still in hand, I repeated this question to the cashier.

“It’s about 40 miles south of here,” she told me.

Dear God, I thought. As if this state hasn’t take enough from me. Now it’s actually going to kill me.

I sat down at a table by the window and listened as my guy told me what he was able to distinguish on a 15-inch television set. From what he could tell, the tornado had already crossed the highway. But things did not look promising outside. The rain had lifted, and dark clouds were moving in. I was terrified. We discussed my options. Stay put and wait it out, or head back north to stay with a friend in Norman. As we were talking, the tears came.

“I can’t do this by myself,” I cried.

“You always wanted to be a strong, independent woman,” he reminded me.

“I don’t want that anymore. I need you here with me.”

“Well, you’re going to have to cowgirl up and deal with it,” he said.

That was something I’d never heard him say, and it was strange that he should say that as I was sitting directly across from a display of cowgirl hats. I told him this, and he asked if any of them were pink. There were two. After we decided I would be safe where I was and hung up, I grabbed one of those pink cowgirl hats and bought it.

This morning, the girls were arguing, and the older one pulled on the chair the younger one was sitting in, tipping it backwards. I immediately started in on her about how unsafe that was and how she needed to be careful. I asked her what could happen if she pulled on a chair like that when her sister was sitting in it. She reluctantly told me she could fall out of the chair. I then asked her what could happen if her sister fell out of the chair. She didn’t want to talk about that. She said it was too scary to talk about.

I took her back to my room and sat her down on my bed. She noticed the pink cowgirl hat right way. I took it from its resting spot and put it on my head. I told her the story about me being scared during the storm and thinking that I couldn’t deal with it by myself. I told her what her father had said. I put the hat on her head and told her that she could talk about the scary thing while wearing my cowgirl hat. My little brown-eyed girl peeked up at me from under the pink brim of the hat and told me her sister could fall out of the chair and have to get stitches like she did when she fell into the glass window.

Yes, that had been scary. It had happened when one girl pulled a toy truck out from under the foot of the other one. It had been a freak accident, but it scared both girls (and me), and we had to deal with that situation without daddy. That is what life is for us now. Stitches, storms, and other scary things to face on our own.

We’ll just have to cowgirl up and deal with it.

May 20th

Get Your Preakness on Saturday!

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

For those that don't know I love the Triple Crown! Today is the 2nd horse race. I promise you there is an update in this video and I'm so excited about #invisibleshackles



Get Your Preakness on Saturday!

May 18th

Shredding The Sessions Memo (FAMM Article)

By Ro ❤ CoFounder/President
Families Against Mandatory Minimums  

Dear Ro,

Last Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave new marching orders to federal prosecutors across the country instructing them to seek the most serious charges in every drug case. This is a terrible idea — and you and I know why.

When mandatory minimums were first passed in the 1980s, the politicians said that they would be reserved for the most dangerous and high-level offenders. But then we saw what happened. Prosecutors demanded and got mandatory life sentences for people like Evans Ray and 15-year sentences for first-time offenders suffering from addiction like Mandy Martinson. These cases are not exceptions. Overall, 93 percent of individuals who receive mandatory minimum sentences played no leadership role in their offense.

Requiring more low- and mid-level offenders to serve unnecessarily lengthy prison terms will impose a larger burden on taxpayers. Greater still will be the opportunity costs. To hold more low-risk offenders in federal prison, how many fewer murders will go unsolved? How many fewer prosecutors and police will be hired? How many more rape kits will go untested? The tradeoffs required by the attorney general’s directive will make families and communities less safe.

The new charging memo will also have an enormous and negative impact on the families whose loved ones are forced to serve disproportionately lengthy prison sentences. More kids will grow up without a parent, causing a host of economic, educational, and social challenges. Families will struggle to stay together. Economic self-sufficiency will become much more difficult to achieve.

We must fight back. Since Sessions' memo was announced, FAMM has appeared on TV and in the press highlighting the dangers of this failed approach. And in the weeks and months ahead, we plan to:

  • Continue to call for greater oversight of the federal prosecutors who will implement the new charging policy;
  • Expose the danger and stupidity of this new policy by identifying and highlighting cases where mandatory minimums are applied to the wrong people; and
  • Build support for legislation to eliminate mandatory minimums, like the bipartisan Justice Safety Valve Act, which was introduced in Congress this week.

Thanks for your continued support.


Kevin A. Ring
President, FAMM

Connect with Us

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Families Against Mandatory Minimums
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Suite 1000
Washington, DC 20005



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May 1st

Spotlight Volunteer of the Month ~ Stephanie

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

Stephanie thanks for all that you do for us! Meet Stephanie.


Copy of Copy of Web Post – Steph //



May 1st

Spotlight Volunteer of the Month ~ Caitlan

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

 Caitlan thanks for all that you do for us! Meet Caitlan.


 Copy of Web Post – Caitlan


May 1st

Florida marriage process : anyone ?

By Jahida360

 Buenas días mi gente / Happy Monday Everyone 


  my boyfriend and I would like to get married by January 4th 2018

 But very specifically on that date because it has a lot of meaning for both of us .

 He's instructed via letter -to go online and print a marriage form but when I checked under a website for Florida prisoners FDOC - it said that him and I both needed to write a letter to the warden requesting ? ...I've left a message and haven't received an answer yet from the warden and the information that I read was dated 1991