Nov 19th

Sunday Funday #UNselfie #givingtuesday #invisibleshackles Facebook Live

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

***DISCLAIMER*** If you can have an open mind and want to get educated on falsely accused you should not watch this video. Thank you!

Sunday Funday #UNselfie #givingtuesday from Cath Jules on Vimeo.

Nov 19th

#SPWF #GivingTuesday Facebook Frame

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

#SPWF #GivingTuesday Facebook Frame" alt="" />



Strong Prison Wives & Famlies , Inc. has a Facebook Frame for #GivingTuesday check it out on the Facebook page.

Oct 20th

Texas Meet Up

By Lyn

Does anyone ever meet up for support groups in the Houston area?

Oct 15th

The Role of Being Bonus Mother

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

Love, love being a Bonus Mom but SO HARD!



The Role of Being Bonus Mother from Cath Jules on Vimeo.

Oct 14th

Pluging Along!

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

Last week my cousin got married and married and I had to go stage do  to Mr. Sexy's curfew. These are the before and after. Once again technology got in the way so the 2nd video needed to be recorded so the quality is poor.

Plugging Along Part I from Catherine Julius on Vimeo.





Plugging Along Part II from Catherine Julius on Vimeo.



Sep 28th

Unsubscribe to SPWF Emails

By Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

If you no longer would like to receive emails from Strong Prison Wives & Families, please unsubscribe to them. Thank you!!!!!


Sep 18th

Please tell me this is the last time

By Esmitty

So, I have never done this before, please bare with me... my husband has been away for almost 2 and 1/2 years and the closer we get to the release date the more I am concerned that he will reoffend. We lost EVERYTHING when he was incarcerated, and I mean down to the last article of clothing. I have been trying so hard to get as much back as I can, but trying to take off all of the bills, send him money, work 40 hours of night shift, and drive any hour and a half two or three times a month is overwhelming. He received a mandatory sentence and I don't understand what is accomplished by such a harsh sentence. He has no motivation to take classes or do anything but work because there is no incentive. Will someone please explain to me how to keep him from going back to prison when there doesn't seem to be any rehabilitation involved in this incarceration? I love my husband to death, but I can't go through this again.