Hello February!!

Published by: Admin JoJo Matthews on 1st Feb 2017 | View all blogs by Admin JoJo Matthews

A brand new month, a clean slate. If things have not been going your way today is the day to shake it off and start fresh. There will always be hard days. Life was never promised to be easy we were only promised we won't be alone. Life is what we make of it how we react and respond to everything daily. If we only choose to see the doom and gloom in the storm clouds then that's what it will be. Storms have a way of washing everything clean and then bringing us that awe inspiring rainbow at the end.

Don't get me wrong this isn't always easy for me either, I recently went through a very dark time that I wasn't sure was going to end but it did. 

2017 is a brand new year and February is a brand new month for us. January brought me a new job that is going to be so much betterhan working at the grocery store. I start my new job the 13th of this month. 

We did get some news that we didn't want to hear, right now he is a 5 yard which means he is locked up 23 hours a day, actually it's 24 because they get rec a couple times a week for a couple of hours at a time. Rec is in a cage and his visits are behind glass. Well with his points being so low he was hoping he could bypass a 4 yard and go straight to a 3 yard(med security) but the CO III said no because of his charges he

has to do a minimum of 4 years on a 4 yard. This is bad news bears for us, he hasn't heard of any yard yet where he won't have trouble from other dudes. We know of a 3 yard hut not 4. Because he is refusing to gang up, while the winds are shifting in AZ DOC it's still one of top worst for prison politics I think only to be outdone by Cali. Plus his charges the older population that happens to be gang population doesn't like the fact that the victim in his crime happens to be a female so because of his refusal to gang up its now out to kill him. Sadly he can't get approved for PC because staff needs proof either his name must be found on a hit list or an attempt must be made. Well he took himself out of the situation so an attempt can't be made and he will just max himself out if he can't find a yard where he might be somewhat safe. I don't think staff is checking real hard to find his name on any list. 

Anyway he took the news like a trooper and has his plan in place should things go bad. 

How he remains the way his is calm and positive for me is amazing because I would have lost it already. This dude is serving a natural life sentence with a hit out on him and he still manages to positive for me and laughs and has faith it will all work out!!

where the heck he came from I can only think of one place heaven, he is heaven sent.

So my advice for you when you are in a storm is learn to dance in the rain, if Joey can do can all of you! 



  • Lo16602
    by Lo16602 1 year ago
    Well said. Thank you!
  • KNB
    by KNB 1 year ago
    Great advice! What you said reminds me of a quote " life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass it's about learning to dance in the rain" Just love that quote.
    Ahh the sh*t that happens sometimes supposedly in the name of prison politics that and the half assed rumour mill! we've had our share also, I empathize. It's great the way he is handling the situation so well it can't be easy on him or you.
    Take care and good luck to you both
  • Sharon
    by Sharon 1 year ago
    Be thankful he refuses to gang up. Mine is in one and since he's been there for 6 months, he was in the hole 5 different times. I was so mad at him. He said it's helping him be protected going to state but, I'm still scared. Prison politics suck!
  • Admin JoJo Matthews
    by Admin JoJo Matthews 1 year ago
    @ Sharon I'm so thankful he didn't gang up, he doesn't believe in gang mentality and knows that it will just be the same problems if he refuses to perform whatever stupid crap they want him to do. Gangs will switch up on you the minute you don't do what they want!!
  • Em
    by Em 1 year ago
    This worries me in the same sense that my fiancé and I are waiting for him to go up state from county but he's worried about going back to his home jail due to the "gangs" and the loyalty that lies with them. He doesn't want to fall into his old habits because he wants to do things right this time due to him wanting to change his ways but he said it's not easy to go back and just not join back up due to the "politics". This scares me to think of I don't want him falling back to old habits but I don't want him getting hurt.
  • Joan
    by Joan 1 year ago
    JoJo I will say a prayer for your man to stay strong for his lady. I hate hearing these stories because it scares me for my son. But that's what I am here for to learn.
  • Admin JoJo Matthews
    by Admin JoJo Matthews 1 year ago
    Em, I hate that such foolishness runs the prisons. Gang mentality sucks inside and outside. I can understand wanting to feel
    A part of something and it can be "family" when you don't have any left but the
    Fact that they can be so violent for all the wrong reasons is horrible.
    Prison politics are slowly shifting where my man is as more and more newbies enter the system and they ways of the old school convicts is phasing out. Maybe some day it will be safe for me love to be on a lower yard in general population until then I think he will continue to remain in the super max unit or whatever they call it
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