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How's this for irony: I just filmed a video with Stephanie to promote #invisibleshackles and she missed his call because we were filming. #invisibleshackles. (if u don't know what I'm talking about, the video explains it all.... It's a fun new campaign S



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Meet Ro - It ain’t about how hard you hit, its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That is how winning is done.” Rocky Balboa

As a self-professed, “tough chick,” I spent the majority of my life proclaiming that I was “strong” while pushing past my perceived limitations and testing my own strength. Yet none of the iron I’ve lifted, punches I’ve thrown, nor being awarded the crown of “Ms. Fitness New Jersey” even came close to preparing me for the “strength” I needed to survive the trying “prison wife life.” My name is Rosanne and I have been entangled in the abnormal world of prisons for longer than I’d like to admit. My “other half” is a federal inmate who, for the last twelve and a half years has been paying for his troubled youth by slowly chipping away at a 213 year prison sentence (for a string of robberies where no one was hurt or severely injured…you can read more about his specific story here: The laws were unjustly piled and stacked against him, costing him his life…our life. Its mind boggling, perplexing and unfair….yet its the cold, harsh reality of the (still beautiful) relationship that he and I share. In a situation where most people would have become bitter, we’ve managed to pull together and fight to survive.

To me, being a “prison wife” is more than a title, it’s a lifestyle. With that said, I’d like to clarify that Adam and I are NOT married. Though we’ve been together for a long time, I won’t marry him while he is in jail. I have absolutely nothing against prison marriages, my choice has more to do with our unique situation. He’s serving this crazy, unjust 213 year sentence, so I never want to give up our fight to get him beyond those walls someday. They don’t have parole in the federal system and he’s out of “appeals,” it is truly an uphill battle. I don’t ever want to become complacent with this lifestyle or start to give up…Marrying him is definitely worth the fight!

I work full time and spend my evenings in the gym, outdoors running sprints, spending as much time as I can with my three nieces and nephew (aside from Adam, they are the loves of my life) and working on a few online endeavors. I’ve always had a gift for not only “seeing the world through rose colored glasses” but helping others to do the same. Being the second oldest of six siblings has made it easy for me to lend my hand as a “big sister” to the world. Encouraging, empowering and mentoring has always come naturally to me.

The common bond of being the outside half of a prison relationship opened the door to bring my now good friend, Annette into my life. It was a breath of fresh air to have found someone who could empathize and thoroughly understand this way of life. Quickly, we realized that we could share our passion for helping others in the form of something so dear to both of our hearts. Hence, the concept of “Strong Prison Wives” – a site dedicated to encouraging and empowering women on our plight as prison wives – was born. What started off as a little idea has been molded and taken shape right before our very eyes. Now, I’m proud to add the title of “Co-Founder of Strong Prison Wives” to this bio. I look forward to empowering each one of you.

Love and hugs, Ro

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    by #FREEDOM4CHARLES 1 year ago
    Hello Everyone, I am new to blogs and ect. so stumbling through trying to figure out where to look, post and so on, My Sweetie has been in state prison for 23 years, we have been close friends since we were 16 years old, we wrote for many years and then i made the tragic mistake of marrying Mr.Wrong ( which of course led to divorce) but my soul mate and I lost contact for way to long, but now that I am back by his side I will never leave it again, He is serving a LIFE sentence for someone else's crime but all that mattered in our county was a conviction no matters whose lives were destroyed, but none the less he has accepted his fate and prays for his future and parole, since he was sentenced under the NC law before 1994 he has a chance for parole.... and God on our side......I was curious as to the card swap, i did sign him up for the Christmas one and he was very Happy and wanted me to send his Thanks and appreciation, as well as my father whom is in state prison also (25years thus far) but my question was how often is the card swaps?
  • Pheehisqueen
    by Pheehisqueen 1 year ago
    Ok hi everyone ☺trying to navigate through the site omg....anyway so far I'm loving the sites amazing stories. Strong women that are on the same journey thank you all in advance. My fiance is in fbop we been together for. 5yrs he just propose to me so we will be getting married I am excited and nervous. Thank you for excepting my request to join.
  • Mandee
    by Mandee 2 years ago
    Hey beautiful! Still waiting....ugh lmao
  • Mandee
    by Mandee 2 years ago
    I just wanted to say your periscope videos about this life help me tremendously. Having just started out on this journey I'm trying to take in as much info as possible. Trying to figure out how to help my love come home sooner. I'm glad my friend told me about this site because yall help answer a lot of questions.
  • KB
    by KB 2 years ago
    This is the first time I've read your bio since I've been on the site. I wish I would've read it sooner. Thank you for creating this site and being a blessing to me and my guy. (hugs)
  • DownersLady
    by DownersLady 2 years ago
    No regrets JUST LOVE!! I was meant to be a part of his (now our) journey.. And I won't let no one or no place take that form me.. Hpayy Vday Ro !!! Sending Hugs your way!!
  • DownersLady
    by DownersLady 2 years ago
    I just wanted to stop by your page and say "thank you" for all the time and your dedication to this blog and your you tube posts. For all the helpful info and support and love that you have provided to all us ladies is greatly appreciated. Your are a awesome human being and now that i have found this SPW page i feel like i can breath again. My husband is my best friend i have him to talk to but at times there are certain topics or things id like to get off my chest and vent out and well he maybe not the right person to vent to . And now i have you all.. I thank you for sharing your story with all of us you make me feel like i can take on this journey like nothing lol, you are a very strong person.. thanks again Ro ... love liz...
  • Jen
    by Jen 2 years ago
    Hi, I'm looking for votes in the life club group, can you please check it out? Thanks!
  • His Queen
    by His Queen 2 years ago
    Good morning, I am pretty new to your site and have truly enjoyed it thus far. So much so that I'd be willing to help you in any way that I could if help is needed. I am involved (not married) to an amazing man who is currently serving a life sentence in a federal facility. My Beloved was wrongly convicted and is fighting his conviction. We were childhood sweethearts and we have reconnected since his incarceration. Not only have I found the love of my life, I've also discovered a passion for the incarcerated community. So if there is anything that I can do to support your work on the website please let me know. Thank you and God Bless!
  • Betty
    by Betty 2 years ago
    Yes mine was on the 24th of July ;) we are both Leo's!! Determined, strong willed girls we are!!! Hope u had the best day!! Xoxo