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  • Ro ❤ CoFounder/President
    The tire pressure light in my car went on today. I had a choice: I could whine and complain that he wasn't here to help me with the "man things" I need help with and I could blame the system for taking him from me. OR I could woman up and take care of it myself. I chose the latter. Why? Because I am NOT a victim! I am fierce. I put the STRONG I'm strong prison wife. All fixed and I didn't break a sweat... Or a nail!
  • Candy
    by Candy 1 year ago
  • Ms.LWOP
    by Ms.LWOP 1 year ago
    That's right... sometimes we just gotta put our 'big girl pants' on and work it out. And I'm sure you looked fabulous while doing it! ;)
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