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Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

46 years old
October 28, 1971
United States
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Hi, I’m Catherine AKA MrsB1948 (Cat) Public Relations/Social Media Community Affairs Team Leader Volunteer that oversees the website's After Incarceration Parents and Loved Ones of Sex Offenders Groups and the NYS Forum. Along with SPWF's Google+, Twitter, Tumblr pages and help out with Pinterest. Prison Wifey (we don't need a piece of paper) and Bonus Mother (I do not like the word Step) of 2 Bonus Sons. Proud of the young men they are becoming. The oldest is almost done with pre-medical school and the youngest is in the Marines beginning that journey. Mr. Sexy has been out 3 years and on parole till 4/2020 after finishing a 4-year bid in the NYSDOCS for a crime he didn't commit. He took a plea to keep his sons off the stand and it is important to say their Mother is Deaf. We've known each other for an over 30 years and started dating “officially” 6 months before he went away, the 3rd one and he finally came home to me. Together or not there was no way I was leaving his side. After all, if I could survive participating in their wedding and recover from a chronic liver illness this at nothing but a thing. He’s the love of my life and I’m here to stay.
The both of us were raised in an old school Italian Catholic home, so we still believe in things like kindness, being polite, manners, loyalty, and keeping it real. It's almost important to know we've both starting working at the age of 13. My father was a Hair Colorist for over 40 years, and I followed in his footsteps for over 17 years, now working in a cancer hospital. I was raised to be a lady and I started to model as a young child, We love spending what time we can with the kids. Boxing together and try to live healthy because we constantly stand in front of mirrors making sure we don’t look our real ages. Hee! Hee!
I love volunteering, fashion and movies. He loves kayaking, snowboarding, and camping. We love to work out and being with our family/friends. We get in as much cuddling as we can. So here we are starting our new life, restrictions and all. Somehow we're still smiling and pushing along like we always do. Still looking like teenagers even though we're in our 40s. Exactly where I want to be and healthy once again. Join me for the ride, so looking forward to the future. If there's one thing I've learned you can't have the good without the bad. Anyways, I've always said when it came to life "some is better than none." Know that in NO WAY am I embarrassed or ashamed of being a prison wife. I LOVE my life, but sometimes well you know, UGH. I am grateful for EVERYTHING in our life and thinking of this as our story being Mr. Sexy and Catherine Julius/ MrsB1948 our candid version of Sex in the City.

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  • FCD
    by FCD 1 year ago
    Hi AdminCat,
    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
    by Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 1 year ago
    @Anothercalamity you're very welcome! Please stop beating yourself up the heart wants what the heart wants. Please make sure that you join the MWI Group AKA Meet While Incarcerated.
    Here is the link to the groups page and scroll down.

    PS as far as I'm concerned its better than the woulda coulda shoulda.
  • anothercalamity
    by anothercalamity 1 year ago
    Thanks for adding me as a friend. I'm new to all this, just started 'dating' a guy who's been in prison 25 years. I keep wondering if I'm just being a fool. But I love him already. Thank you for reaching out.
  • Admin JoJo Matthews
    by Admin JoJo Matthews 3 years ago
    Hey thanks for checking in on me. Messenger on here doesn't work on my phone!! I will be ok. Just a little depressed is all
  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
    by Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 3 years ago
    Awh, Nico, thanks. You're too sweet. Weekend was good had some alone time because my Stepson spent the weekend with his Mom. Mr. Sexy's b day is tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. Hope all is well with you guys! Xoxo
  • LaBella
    by LaBella 3 years ago
    *waving* Hey, Sis. Hope you, Mr. Sexy and the teens had a great weekend. Hugs!
  • Laura
    by Laura 4 years ago
    Thank you Love!!!! :) :)
  • Laura
    by Laura 4 years ago
    Awww Thank you Love
  • Mylove
    by Mylove 4 years ago
    Whoot Whoot.... I know you are beyond excited! can you tell I 'm excited for you!!!! LOL God bless you and good luck! I know you will be keeping touch!! xoxox
  • Mylove
    by Mylove 4 years ago
    OMG.. hope you are feeling well! I KNOW you are soo excited!!!! xoxo