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  • Ro ❤ CoFounder/President

    Ro ❤ ...

    How's this for irony: I just filmed a video with Stephanie to promote #invisibleshackles and she missed his call because we were filming. #invisibleshackles. (if u don't know what I'm talking about, the video explains it all.... It's a fun new campaign S
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  • DaShawn


    Hi Ladies! Just stopping in to send everyone some Love!
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  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

    Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

    Such a great weekend so productive, two conference calls with my awesome team members. The creative juices keep flowing for our new #GivingTuesday campaign. Super excited! So grateful.
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  • Justine (formally Teeny820)

    Justine (formally ...

    been gone for awhile...fighting for him...I know each of you are doing the same!! Stay Strong is gaining ground to get him home :D
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  • Kristen


    Hey ladies :) hope everyone is doing well. I must tell you that I just became an Itworks! Distributor and I'm very excited :) I've started some of their products as well because my husband comes home in 2 years and I wanna be slim and fit :) they work, t
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  • Keira


    WHOOP WHOOP almost 3 hours til OITNB!! However, I won't get to watch it til this weekend :( Hope all of you lovely ladies have a fantastic weekend, if anyone needs anything please reach out and let me know :) happy to help!
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  • Jess


    Up bright and early ready to head to Bama! I'm so excited! But first I have to feed my babies, get gas, oh and I can't forget quarters for visits! ❤❤❤❤
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  • iam_mrsjohnson


    Hi Loves! I just wanted to give you all n update since its been awhile. Well as of now me and my husband are no longer married, we have officially been divorced a little over 2 months and separated for over a year. It was a hard decision I didn't want t
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  • Profilenotavailible


    Share something with Strong Prison Wives & Families
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  • Nick's Wifey

    Nick's Wifey

    Another day closer!!
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  • Jae


    Well, I suppose we are done :(
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  • Alejandra


    I haven't been on here in awhile but I'm so happy to say I got my very 1st contact visit with my boo just this past Sunday. We were both so nervous and excited at once and we got to take a picture together!!!!! It definitely made my whole week! :)
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