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Meet ~D~ Hey it's your girl DaShawn AKA ~D~ as many of you already know my story from the old site and FB pages but for those of you who don't here is a little about me.
I met the love of my life in Nov. of 2008 at a local night club. We started off seeing each other once or twice a month as he had moved about an hour away 2 weeks after we met.In Jan of 2009 we moved in together and other than him doing a 9 month bid in county jail that same year we were inseparable up until Feb 6, 2013.
The day he was sentenced I completely broke down and was so lost and devastated.
We were suppose to get married in April of 2013 but him being sent to prison in February put a delay on our marriage. We get to see each other every couple months as he is pretty far from me and the trips to visit him are rather expensive. So in between we write lots of letters, daily phonecalls and I am a flikshop fanatic.
My now husband Vic and I got married on Nov.10,2013 at a FLDOC Prison. It was the happiest day of my life even though it was not the wedding I had always dreamed of.It is amazing how much your entire life can change in one instant. He is a very supportive husband and backs me up in every way he can. He can always make me laugh no matter how sad or mad I am. He is My Love, My Life, My Soulmate, My Inspiration and My Dedication.
When he first went in I didn't know where to turn until I met Ro. I immediately became a member of then SPW and became a contributing author for the site. Worked my way up to SR Mentor and founded our first SPWF State Chapter here in Florida.
I now am Chief Operations Officer, Staff Manager & Mentor Program Director for Strong Prison Wives 7 Families. I cannot imagine what my life would be like without SPWF in it. I absolutely love what I do here for our community. Getting the chance to encourage and empower other Women is a blessing.
I am here for each and every one of you ladies in anyway I can be of help. Feel free to send me a friend request or message.I look forward to getting to know you all.
"We all come from different walks of life,serving different lengths of sentences with our men on different journeys in life but for now are at the same destination, so while we are here together lets support,encourage and empower each other. Stay Strong & Love Stronger"~D~

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  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
    by Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 3 years ago
    Happy birthday! Xoxo
  • JB
    by JB 3 years ago
    I shared your go fund me site on all my social media I hope it helps. wish I could do more. prayers are with you.
  • LaBella
    by LaBella 4 years ago
    D, dah-lin', I hope you are well and enjoying your much deserved time for you and your loved ones. Praying everyone is doing better as the days pass. Love ya, lady. Enjoy your week.
  • Admin JoJo Matthews
    by Admin JoJo Matthews 4 years ago
    D- I'm so sorry about Vic, both of you are in my prayers. Love you. Keep us updated please!
  • ~KK (Baby Inkspot)
    by ~KK (Baby Inkspot) 4 years ago
    Hey sweetie :) Had you on my mind and wanted to check on you. I know things have been tough lately. Here for you if you need me. *Hugs* ~KK
  • Admin JoJo Matthews
    by Admin JoJo Matthews 4 years ago
    Love you lady. You are a beautiful soul inside and out. Know you are in my daily prayers as well as Vic and your family.
  • Mz. Torres
    by Mz. Torres 4 years ago
    Im thankful for all the support
  • Ashley.....A.K.A.*Magnuson's Wife*
    Just wanted to check on you and see how your doing.....I know your going through a lot right now.....keep your head up beautiful
  • Laura
    by Laura 4 years ago
    D have an awesome visit this weekend!!
  • ~KK (Baby Inkspot)
    by ~KK (Baby Inkspot) 4 years ago
    Hope you are feeling better today girlie. Keeping you in our prayers. Here for you if you need me :) ~KK