50 years old
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Miss you guys so much!!! I pray each and every one of you are blessed ...happy!!! Love you guys!!! I think of you guys often!!
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I am here for supprot and to give support! May God bless all of you!

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  • LaBella
    by LaBella 4 years ago
    Hello, beautiful. How goes it? Prayerfully, well. Take care.
  • Mztrai
    by Mztrai 4 years ago
    Just stopping by to say hello. I pray the Lord draw you close to him this week and surround you with his love....
  • Mztrai
    by Mztrai 4 years ago
    Have a wonderful week!!
  • Laura
    by Laura 4 years ago
    I miss your smiling face!
  • DaShawn
    by DaShawn 4 years ago
    Hi my sister! Love & miss you!
  • KTsQueen
    by KTsQueen 4 years ago
    That's my plan to go premium. Just waiting on a couple of things
  • Dani
    by Dani 4 years ago
    hi, yes I am in sc.. Charleston area
  • Holly
    by Holly 4 years ago
    My visit went great! :) I felt uncomfortable at first and he could tell but once I let go of the nerves, it got better. I walked out with a lady and she said that it gets easier every time and I just looked at her and told her it was my first time. The sad, understanding look on her face almost made me cry. I somehow managed to hold it together for almost an hour before I actually started crying lol. The first prison visit made this seem all the more real. That this is really my life and I'm so at peace with it. Love ya!!
  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948
    by Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948 4 years ago
    Hi tomorrow is 25 more days! Hope all is well and thanks for asking! Xoxo
  • DaShawn
    by DaShawn 4 years ago
    Hey sweety got your message and replied to your inbox, sometimes it doesnt show we have messages, i didnt want u to think I was ignoring you. Love ya!!