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  • Jalynn
    by Jalynn 3 years ago
    I want to paste this on my Facebook LOL! So many gossipy, small minded judgemental people.
  • Kelly
    by Kelly 3 years ago
    Oh my goodness... that's great! Hahahaha!
  • Jalynn
    by Jalynn 3 years ago
    I know right LOL!
  • chris' cougar
    by chris' cougar 3 years ago
    Haha...love it!!!
  • charliesgirl68
    by charliesgirl68 3 years ago
    Best ecard yet!
  • Cherie
    by Cherie 3 years ago
    Love it
  • Wolfie
    by Wolfie 3 years ago
    LOL, which is EXACTLY why ONLY my closest friends know about my relationship.... too many busy-bodies!
  • Jalynn
    by Jalynn 3 years ago
    I hear ya Wolfie! It's a sad day when people you thought you could trust...family decide to blab your business to others! The rumors are flying, judgements being passed around and all that type of BS. What bothers me the most is that no one, not even my own family thought about my children(his step children) when they decided to start running their mouths! You know kids have a hard enough time just getting through school and now to have to deal with this, smh. So far though my boys have handled it all well, I am waiting however for the 2nd wave. This too shall pass though ;-)
  • JB
    by JB 3 years ago
    I actually posted that pic on facebook....lol
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