Justine (formally Teeny820)

Justine (formally Teeny820)

34 years old
Blue Springs
United States
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been gone for awhile...fighting for him...I know each of you are doing the same!! Stay Strong www.End85.com is gaining ground to get him home :D
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I am gonna be 30 this year! Yikes :-/ But honestly I am happier now then I have been in a long long time, even with my boyfriend behind bars. I am a traveler by passion and a nurse by profession.

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  • Laura
    by Laura 4 years ago
    hey sweetie!
  • Laura
    by Laura 4 years ago
    Just wanted to stop by and say, "Heyyyyyyyyyy girly."
  • Laura
    by Laura 4 years ago
    Hello Hun how are you?
  • Jae
    by Jae 4 years ago
    I hope you had a good visit today!!
  • Profilenotavailible
    by Profilenotavailible 4 years ago
    i know this is random but your profile picture is TOO CUTE!!! :)
  • Jae
    by Jae 4 years ago
    I've been so upset!! "Sentencing" was on Wednesday, but they postponed it another few months. :( how have you been?! I read your status about crazy ex girlfriend. *shotgun click* where is she?
  • Momma Manda
    by Momma Manda 4 years ago
    I know the weather wasn't great today but I hope you got to get up there and see your man!!
  • Jae
    by Jae 4 years ago
    Hope your day went well! ^.^
  • Momma Manda
    by Momma Manda 4 years ago
    I've been having a good week just dreading this winter weather coming through, hopefully it won't interfere with visits this weekend!! Enjoy your visit tomorrow :)