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  • Ro ❤ CoFounder/President

    Ro ❤ ...

    How's this for irony: I just filmed a video with Stephanie to promote #invisibleshackles and she missed his call because we were filming. #invisibleshackles. (if u don't know what I'm talking about, the video explains it all.... It's a fun new campaign S
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  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

    Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

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  • LadiBigz


    Things are WAYYYY off but at the end of the day Rah is my heart nd i cant jus walk away. Smh there are so many days wen i feel stupid fr stickin around but i cant help it smh
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  •  Admin Cate

    Admin Cate

    Hello everyone, I hope y'all are doing well!! Its been a 11 days since my husband has been home and its been well an adjustment. Its not bad but just different. I love the fact I can text him anytime, no more monitored phone calls etc. We are buying a
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  • kkadam


    Good afternoon everyone hope all is well with everyone, just dropping by to say hi, and Happy New Years, I pray all had a wonderful holidays.
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  • Admin anna

    Admin anna

    Sorry back on the old code we fixed it 494175762
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  • CloveR


    Visits finally was so nice to finally see his face and hear his voice even if it was through glass.
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  • kay


    Feeling taken for granted ... His Emotions like a rollercoaster one second happy the next down, hard to deal with on top of everything else !!
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  • Admin Megan

    Admin Megan

    Sneak peak of the poem you will receive with a $7 donation to the #bucksforlove campaign. This is designed and emailed to you. I sent it to my husband, and he said it made him cry. This is a quick and easy gift idea for your loved one, and you are helpin
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  • Tina


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  • Linda


    Hello ladies, by chance is anyone here from Texas? I'm wondering if anyone else has tried using the TDCJ offender information website. It tells me that I can't connect, but surely it's the website itself because I'm using the same device right now to mak
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