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  • Ro ❤ CoFounder/President

    Ro ❤ ...

    How's this for irony: I just filmed a video with Stephanie to promote #invisibleshackles and she missed his call because we were filming. #invisibleshackles. (if u don't know what I'm talking about, the video explains it all.... It's a fun new campaign S
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  • Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

    Admin Cat AKA MrsB1948

    Share something with Strong Prison Wives & Families
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  • LadiBigz


    Things are WAYYYY off but at the end of the day Rah is my heart nd i cant jus walk away. Smh there are so many days wen i feel stupid fr stickin around but i cant help it smh
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  •  Admin Cate

    Admin Cate

    Hello everyone, I hope y'all are doing well!! Its been a 11 days since my husband has been home and its been well an adjustment. Its not bad but just different. I love the fact I can text him anytime, no more monitored phone calls etc. We are buying a
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  • kkadam


    good evening ladies just dropping by to say hi, and all is well hope everyone is doing great under the circumstances, and is communicating daily with your loved one. hope you all are keeping cool, eventhough I love the summer heat.
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  • Admin anna

    Admin anna

    Sorry back on the old code we fixed it 494175762
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  • CloveR


    Visits finally was so nice to finally see his face and hear his voice even if it was through glass.
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  • kay


    Feeling taken for granted ... His Emotions like a rollercoaster one second happy the next down, hard to deal with on top of everything else !!
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  • Admin Megan

    Admin Megan

    Sneak peak of the poem you will receive with a $7 donation to the #bucksforlove campaign. This is designed and emailed to you. I sent it to my husband, and he said it made him cry. This is a quick and easy gift idea for your loved one, and you are helpin
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  • Tina


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  • Linda


    Hello ladies just checking in with you all. My honey has been home now for 2 weeks and life has been wonderful!! Keep your head up ladies, time will fly by and your man will be home before you know it. Keep holding it down for him and keep yourself busy
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  • Erick's Queen

    Erick's Queen

    So in Love with Eachother
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